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Weight Lifting Exercises Shoulder Weight Lifting Exercises For Maximum Shoulder Growth and Width

Dave Vower

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Many people are out there searching for effective shoulder muscle weight lifting exercises. Why many people are looking for great methods of weight training exercises targeting shoulder muscles? Is it simply because those men are very health conscious? Yes, this is surely a reason. But there are many other reasons as well.

It is the shoulder and chest muscles, which give a great appearance of masculine power. The strong and sound shoulder and chest muscles are considered as the best attractive muscles in any men. It is very important to have great shoulder and chest muscles to stand out among the group of men community.

Shrugs are popular weight lifting exercises targeted to shoulder muscles. Shrugs are carried out by raising the shoulders as much as possible in the standing position with barbells in extended arms. During this weight lifting exercise, you have to make many repetitions by hanging down the shoulders and then raising them as high as possible. The shrugs can be done with dumbbells instead of barbells. You can also move the shoulders in a circular fashion instead of rising up and drooping down.

Military press is another kind of weight lifting exercise which is very useful in building up the shoulder muscles. Grasp barbell or dumbbell at the width of the shoulder in the standing posture and position it in front of the neck. Now you can press bar overhead up to the arms are fully extended and after reaching the full length you can lower back down it into its original position. While doing this weight lifting exercise you have to keep the back straight and chest projecting out.

When you target for a specific muscle group like the shoulders, it is advisable to do weight lifting exercises by concentrating on those muscles and relaxing other parts of the body. Compound exercises are best for maximum growth.

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Dave Vower


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Lifting Weight Workout The Advances and Essentials of Weight Lifting
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