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School of Muscle Inner Circle For Muscle Gain Or the Truth About Building Muscle (Opinion)

Dave Vower

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So what's the deal with Sean Nalewanyj's new product “School Of Muscle Inner Circle" anyway?  It's expected release date is “Coming August/September 2008. . . " (directly from the website).  

Is it going to be new material?  How can it be better than his current product “The Truth About Building Muscle"?

Hard to tell, there's no pre-release information available. . . yet.

The website (which is not complete yet) says that it's only ten bucks! That's what's got me interested.   What can you get for $10 these days?  A meal?  I tell ya what, if he's packed as much into this program as he did into his other package, it'll be a wicked deal.   His previous package was information packed and didn't miss a thing and it was a very reasonable $77 (about $30 extra if you got the gold package).

How can he provide more value than his previous package, and for so much less? 

It's obviously a membership program.   His current product offers a membership to “The School Of Muscle" as part of the standard package.   So he'll be opening the package up to the public for a measly 10 bucks a month?   That's essentially access to the people who are using the original program “The Truth About Building Muscle" 24 hours a day.   You can read their posts and learn from their experiences.   This is going to be a massive community of really successful body builders and muscle gainers with loads of success to share with the new subscribers.   It's bound to be a success.

That's where you and I come in. . . we join up and are exposed to a massive forum with loads of great new FRESH information and feedback from the pros, including Sean Nalewanyj himself.

I for one am looking forward to his new program.   I want access to his “Inner Circle" and I'll be one of the first people to register for the new program because his “Truth about gaining muscle" was such a great package.  

Anyone looking to get great exposure to the best of the best in muscle mass building exercises and programs is well advised to take a look at Sean's new program The School Of Muscle.   It'll be well worth the wait. . . and if you know anything about building muscle, you'll know that it's important to expose yourself to as much motivation and like minded individuals as you can in order to get the best out of your workouts.  

That's my 2 cents.   Work hard, and keep it real.  

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Dave Vower


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