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45 Minute Workouts For Insane Muscle Growth

Michael J Stuart

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Throughout my life I've known lots of people who wanting to pack on muscle size regularly spend 2, sometimes 3 hours at the gym as many days a week as they can get in. No matter how often they are told about over training, how muscle growth happens and why less is often more when it comes to training they refuse to listen and stick to their belief that in order to get big they need to spend some serious time at the gym.

Instead of spending serious time at the gym they should be concentrating on putting in serious effort and then giving their body the appropriate time to recover and grow. When your trying to put on size spending 2 to 3 hours at the gym is been counter-productive and can end up causing muscle shrinkage instead of growth. To stimulate your muscles into growth you need to lift heavier weight than your used to, everyone knows this but with so many choices of exercises, people want to do 3-4 sets of this, that and another 3 exercises to ensure that they have hit their muscle from every possible angle.

Performing a couple of good compound exercises nice and heavy for a few sets each is all you have to do to stimulate growth. Also by cutting down the amount of exercises you can easily keep your training session under 45 minutes which is essential for muscle growth.

After 45 minutes of intense exercise your body starts to create more and more cortisol which is great at breaking down your muscles - definitely not something you want to happen. So by keeping your training session under 45 minutes you stimulate your muscles for growth and reduce the amount of damage and loss to the muscle you have already built.

Then when it comes to the amount of days you workout, limiting your heavy days to 3 days a week, 4 at the most will give you the best chance at increasing muscle size. On days that you train heavy your body is catabolic, meaning that it is basically breaking down and then on your rest days it becomes anabolic which is a state of growth. So basically when you workout you encourage your body to grow but it is on your days of heavy training that the growth occurs, so if you train heavy 5 days a week you are damaging your muscles 5 days and only allowing time for growth on 2 days a week.

By reducing training days you also enable yourself to train heavier and harder on the days you do train.

Reduce your training time now to get Wickedly Big a lot quicker, but if you find yourself drawn to the gym on days you know you should be resting then go in but do some conditioning workouts, working on your grip, stability and other aspects of fitness that are often overlooked.

Hi I'm Michael Stuart and I'm a Personal Trainer in Melbourne, Australia. For more information on health and fitness visit my site


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