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How Long Does it Take to Get a Six Pack


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One of the question I get asked all the time as a personal trainer is that “How long does it take to get a six pack". Well, it is a tough one because in reality there is no “one size fits all" answer to that question. It is completely understandable that people who just start working out wants a certain “goal" and a “set date" so they could follow their workout plan. But to answer this question, it can depend on many things.

Some of the factors that determine how long does it take to get a six pack are;

1) The first and foremost and the most important factor, your genetics. Generally men gain muscle and lose fat a lot faster than women. It is because women are naturally programmed to carry more body fat percentage and a lot of them are around their waist area. Of course there are exceptions to this rule.

Some people are naturally big boned, with wide hips and a bigger body. Those are called endomorphs and usually they have a hard time losing the layer of fat although they gain muscles quite fast. Ectomorphs are naturally skinny with small bones. This type of people have a high metabolism but usually are quite hard to gain muscles. Mesomorphs, the naturally blessed people, are those with a more muscular body type and a lower percentage of body fat. This is the type of people who can get a six pack the fastest.

So no matter which body type you have, don't get disappointed. You just have to adjust your diet plan, workout and expectations to get something that work best for you.

2)Your diet also plays a big part in determining how fast you'll be able to get a six pack. If you work out a lot but all you eat is junk, you can never get a six pack. Ask anyone with a nice six pack, unless they are some athletes that do tons of cardio everyday, they must maintain a nice clean diet.

3)How you work out and how much you work out of course play a part in determining how long does it to take a six pack. You need to incorporate cardio into your exercise routine. Combined with proper abdominal exercise technique, you are good to go.

Okay now you know the answer to “how long does it take to get a six pack". Stop questioning and rationalizing and just start working out!

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how long does it take to get a six pack

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