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Discover These Fat Burning Tips For a Leaner Body


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1) Do not consume carbohydrates together with fats. This is because your body will increase the fat storage especially when you consume carbohydrate and fat together. It is recommended that either you consume carbohydrates and protein together or protein and fat together. Generally, you should also reduce your overall intake of carbohydrates. Consume more good quality low glycemic carbohydrates which are found in vegetables and fruits.

2) This is a very little known fact. People who are building muscle intensively in the gym to not consume enough fat! It's a simple principle. The body will try to hold on to its fat if there is less intake of fat. It's a natural survival mechanism of the body. The targeted fats to consume are healthy fats such as olive oil, fish oil, avocado oil and organic butter. In the case of animal fats, it is advisable to east fats from lean meats such as beef or chicken.

3) Perform some sort of exercise routine every single day. Perform cardiovascular exercises everyday, whether it's weight training, jogging, swimming, etc. If you find it hard at first, you can alternative between cardiovascular exercises and brief walks in the parks. This will greatly increase your metabolism rate and your fitness in a short period of time.

4) Drink plenty of water. This is a simple overlook method to increase your metabolism rate. Other than that, it also clears cellular toxins out from your system. Water is an important substance for the hormonal signaling process in your endocrine system which regulates the fat burning hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

5) Do not consume any appetite suppressors or stimulant to lose weight. These quick fixes often result in imbalances of your neural chemistry, cause stress to the adrenal glands and also lowers your metabolism rates. Instead, consume natural fat burning supplement such as green tea.

About the author:
Jerold Smith is a successful body builder. He has compiled information and have tested and tried different muscle building methods, routines and nutrition from years of training. Jerold knows what works and what do not on how to build and gain muscle fast.

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