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Muscle Toning Myths

Johnny Moon

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Muscle “Toning" Is A Myth

There's actually no such thing as “toning" a muscle. Muscle cannot be “toned. " Muscle can only do three things. It can shrink, it can stay the same size, or it can get larger. There is no option for “toning. " What people generally mean by this term is actually a combination of muscle growth and fat burning which creates a more “defined" or “cut" look.

Low Resistance With High Reps Is A Waste Of Time

The reason it's important to realize that “toning" is a myth is because lots of mistakes are made in the gym in an attempt to get a more defined body. The biggest mistake is the idea that doing a lot of reps with low resistance is a good way to “tone. " This is nonsense. Like I mentioned earlier muscles can only get smaller, stay the same, or get larger. Well guess what? Low resistance training is a great way to have your muscles stay the same size! Muscle does not respond to low resistance exercises. You must push your muscle to get results.


Unfortunately this myth is very prevalent and many women end up going the low resistance/high rep route thinking that's the way they are supposed to train. Sadly most personal trainers at the gym are very ignorant of the science behind strength training and tell them to do exactly that! There is no reason for women (or men of course) to do low resistance training. Women (and men) can get much faster results by doing a high resistance, low rep work outs.

Less Time In The Gym

You can get more results in less time if you work out intelligently. There's no reason to spend 2 hours in the gym lifting 15 pounds over and over again. Spending 15 minutes in the gym lifting 150 pounds will give you much better results. It's not about working out a long time, it's all about intensity. Push your muscles and they will grow. You push your muscle through intensity, not through the length of a workout! Doing more than 8 reps for any one muscle group is a waste of time.

Burn Body Fat

Do you want to look toned? Burn body fat. Body definition comes from a combination of muscle growth and low body fat. You need a diet which will help you burn body fat if you want a more defined look. This means no low calorie diets because they cause your metabolism to go into “starvation mode" which means your body will be burning muscle instead of fat. Obviously this is the worst possible scenario. You need a good fat burning diet that you can stick with. Always avoid starvation diets and any sort of ridiculous “cabbage soup diet" or “lemonade diet" type approach. Those methods are doomed to failure.

Only 5% of dieters are successful in losing weight and keeping it off. The reason for that is most people make the wrong dieting choices. Don't choose a low calorie, low carb, or low fat approach. Those are the diets that so many fail with. Try something new.

Click Here To Start The Day Off Diet which is the top fat burning diet and also includes a free strength training program. This incredible strength training program cuts through the myths and delivers the results.

Remember you must build muscle size and cut down on body fat if you want to look “toned. " The Day Off Diet will do both of those things for you.


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