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Massive Muscle Weight Lifting Tips You Want Powerful Muscle? Weight Lifting is Your ONLY Choice!

Dave Vower

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There is no need to spend countless hours at the gym in order to develop a defined muscular system. In fact, with the appropriate routine there is no need for daily training, three times a week and proper nutrition will help you to define the muscle, weight lifting can give you. . . fast!

There are a few concepts you need to know clearly before starting a training program.

Weight lifting is suitable for any healthy adult, but since it will require physical effort from you, a medical examination performed before starting the program would be advisable. This is standard.

If you are thin or keep fit, and you're just looking to improve the shape of your body, there is no need to combine weightlifting with aerobic exercise and loosing weight diets. However, you should consider the benefits of cardiovascular workouts on your overall health. It's important!

WARNING: It's a common thought that if there is fatty tissue above your muscles, the first thing to do is to get rid of that unnecessary fat covering your muscles. No matter how much effort you put into it, how much weight lifting you do, your muscles will not show up unless fat goes away, you muscles will grow anyway, but fatty tissues will be masking them. If this is your situation you will have to do aerobic exercises that are the ones that really burn fat.

This is totally garbage. It's a little known FACT that larger and more active muscles increase your metabolism and help you to burn fat. Therefore you need to workout your muscles! Weight lifting is an essential part of every weight loss success formula. Grow your muscles strong, and they are your biggest fat burning allies!

You should do at least 3 sessions a week of over 20-30 mins of interval training to increase your metabolism to help you burn fat, as well as maintain your weight lifting program. This training is best done in the morning on an empty stomach (have a couple of glasses of water to get your body going). The importance of the exercise is to speed up your metabolism to burn fat ALL DAY. Not just while you exercise. Much better than the recommended 45 mins workouts!


When combining aerobic exercises with weight lifting, nutrition plays a fundamental role. You will be burning calories and loosing weight at the beginning. Later, when training starts to build muscle, weight lifting will consume lots of energy but as muscle mass is growing there will be a moment when you will stop loosing weight.

You lost fat but are gaining muscle mass.

Remember, the goal is to look better and increase your health. “Weight loss" is not important if you're looking and feeling great!

Nutrition has to be balanced, with quality calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and good fats. Proteins play a fundamental role building muscle, you can obtain them naturally through the food you eat or purchase the supplements on a store. Feedings must be frequent, you have to maintain ideally 6 meals meals and do not spend more than 3 hours without eating. You will be accelerating your metabolism this way.

Of course, you must keep yourself hydrated, so drink some water before starting to exercise. Eat foods that contain high water content to supplement your diet if drinking water becomes a chore.


To make your muscles grow, weight lifting must be done with increasing intensity. It is not about spending hours, on the contrary a successful weight lifting routine should be short, specific and intense. Less repetitions in each series with more weight will make your muscles grow faster.

You will discover that with some time, effort and discipline, you will be able to build strong, solid and lean, hard muscle. Weight lifting combined with a proper nutrition will allow you to achieve that muscle definition that will make women turn around to look at you and men secretly admire.

If you're sincerely interested in learning how to gain the most muscle quickly I highly suggest checking out some of the muscle building programs available on the internet today. It's cutting edge stuff! (see below)

Do you need answers to any of the following questions?

What's the best training program?
What do I eat, and when?
How do I blowtorch this flabby belly off in less than 12 weeks without starving myself and only working out for 25 minutes a day?

If so. . . then check out my tips about how to achieve FAST MUSCLE GAIN and how I use things around the house to help me BUILD MUSCLE FAST over at

Welcome to the a new world and a better you! See you there. . .


Dave Vower


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