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5 Habits To Highly Effective Six Pack Abs


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To get a six pack abs and achieve fitness, you should not only have a proper diet but also a proper exercise or abs workout routine. But to many people, exercise may not be their cup of tea. Many may have thought about going doing abs workouts but never get started. For those who get started, they may be sabotaged by bad exercise habits.

In order for you to get started and get on with exercising you have to create an effective habit for your abs workouts. The reason why we have to do this is that humans are being of habits and only when something becomes ingrain that we will get into doing that something naturally. Thus, if you want to start doing abs workout naturally to get six pack fast, you have to develop the right habits of exercising.

The trick of developing an exercising habit is not just doing abs workouts for 3 to 4 times a week but doing it everyday. Consistency is key - consistent action done every day is likely to become a habit.

In order to keep you from being bored, do not do the same physical activities every day. Alternate the kind of abs workouts that you do, for example, you can have a running session and then alternate it with resistance training. The idea is to do some physical activities that you like every day and alternate them.

To keep you going, you can give yourself a challenge for the next 30 days or 45 days. These are the minimum number of days that you need the action of going out to exercise becomes an action that is well ingrain in you. You have to do it every day without any break in between else you would have to start from zero again. Again, the idea is to make this a consistent action so that you would not start looking for an excuse to skip a session.

There 5 ways which I am going to share with you so that it can help you plan and develop your abs workout or exercise habits.

1. Have a fix time

Always fix a time where you will go and do your exercise. Timing is not important, it can be early in the morning, during your lunch hours, in the evening before dinner or even late at night 1 to 1.5 hours after dinner.

When you are new at this workout routine and you do not have a fix time for exercising then you will never have time or intention of starting any exercise and making it a habit.

2. Be consistent

Once you have decided to take on the six pack abs challenge and decided on the number of days it will be, be consistent at doing it, that means you must do it everyday and not find any excuse for not doing it.

When you are new, there may be days that you are tempted to just not do anything and starting looking for excuses not to do it. When this happens at the time when you are suppose to exercise, just count to 10 and go get change at the same time and step out of the door and start doing what you need to do.

3. Set a reminder

You can set an alarm to remind you that it's time for exercise. There many ways that you can do this - use the alarm in your mobile, your PDA, an email alert or can even be just an alarm clock. When the alert come on, get out of the door immediately to start at doing your exercise, do not delay for even a minute.

4. Make it interesting and enjoy it

Always plan and make your abs workout routine interesting and varied. This way you will be more motivated.

Learn to enjoy the environment that you are in when you are exercising. If you are outdoor, enjoy the scenery, the fresh air, the clear sky, the serenity of the surrounding, etc.

Never, never associate pain, boredom, waste of time with exercise, you will just shy away from it.

5. Have a goal and reasons

Have a goal and reasons for exercising, like lose belly fat by 10 pounds so you can fit into the tight jeans and skimpy bikini, get six packs in 60 days so you can head down to the beach to show your ripped mid-section etc. Make sure the goal is realistic and the reasons strong as they will help to drive and motivate you.

Use these highly effective habits with a scientifically proven 21 individualized abdominal training to accelerate your route to getting those picture-perfect 6 pack abs in 8 weeks or less. Visit now.

Ian Kuro is the creator and founder of ABsolute Workouts where he provides valuable tips and resources on how to get lean and muscular six packs. Visit for your free workout plans now.


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