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Squats For Building Muscle


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Squats are one of the toughest leg exercises and they work many other muscles apart from just the quadriceps like the hamstrings or rear leg muscles, the glutes or buttock muscles and even the lower back. It's a powerful compound exercise. Squats are the primary mass builder for the lower body, targeting the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Without doing squats, it is almost impossible to gain the sweep in the quads that many people desire. Squats are great for developing hip strength. The danger for your back lies in holding heavy weights whether front or back of the head.

Squats are where you take a set of weights and a bench press bar and put the bar over your shoulders with your hands on the bar for balance. You then squat down and lift up hence the name “squats". Squats are performed from a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. The exercise begins by flexing the hips, knees and ankles until thighs are parallel to the floor. Squats are one of the toughest exercises to perform so many avoid them altogether and go with Leg Presses and lunges. And of course not many have the body they desire!!!

Back squats are hard enough but front squats are just a different animal. No matter how good you get at front squats they are always hard on you. Back squats are difficult too, but front squats introduce an additional level of difficulty because it requires flexibility, technique, core strength and also because the bar must be balanced on the front of the shoulders. Back squats are performed with the barbells resting behind the neck, making it tricky to know exactly where the racks are when finished. If the weight lifter backs up too far, the bars at the base of the squat racks can cause a fall or a twisted or sprained ankle.

Basically any squat front or back is difficult and dangerous as large amounts of weight will be lifted in both cases, but squats are a necessary evil if you want to build large muscular legs.

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