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Free Weight Gain Tip - Improve Your Recovery


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Most men who aspire to build up muscle and gain weight fast fail to take advantage of a free weight gain tip which anyone can use. They typically fail to have proper recovery. Most of you have heard that muscles are “torn down" in the gym and then you have to recover to grow. Yet, most people do not fully understand what is necessary in order to build muscle and how to get stronger from workout to workout. Recovery is the key to helping you gain muscle weight fast.

There are several reasons why most people fail to recover properly from weight training. Here are just a few:

  • They train with improper form, such as lowering the weight too quickly. This leads to injuries which require significant recovery time in order to properly heal
  • They have insomnia
  • They stay out too late on a regular basis
  • They eat too few calories and eat improperly
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs will all impede muscle growth and recovery
  • Too much stress from work and family

If you can identify with any of these then here are some free tips to help you improve your recovery, and consequently you should start to gain quality muscle weight.

Your first free weight gaining tip is to use proper weight training and exercise form. Lower your weights in a slower fashion, focusing on being in 100% control of the weight. This will reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, your muscles will be stimulated properly because you focused on control and tension of your muscles, not just heaving and dropping the weights using momentum. Proper form will improve your recovery time because you will not have to concern yourself with recovering from an injury.

The next free weight gain tip is to reduce or eliminate all tobacco and alcohol. None of these will help you gain quality muscle weight. By reducing the number of beers each night from four to two will save you money and help you recover better. Of course, if you have problems with narcotics, black market, or prescription drugs please seek proper professional medical counsel. At that point, gaining muscle weight is a much lower priority than your health and safety.

The last free weight gain tip is to improve your recovery by going to bed at a reasonable hour before your workout. Whether you work out with weights once a week or six times a week, be sure to get adequate sleep. Your body needs the recovery in order to grow, provide you with the energy to lift more weight (or repetitions) from the previous time you did the exercise, and provide you with the alertness in order to make adjustments in case your safety is compromised during a particular lift.

These three free suggestions are all a part of the larger weight gaining tip known as recovery. There are many more recommendations to help you improve your recovery, and you will read about those in later articles. Focus on your recovery and you should start to see improvements in your muscle building and weight gaining goals.

Are you skinny and want to get bigger and stronger? Do you have very little time to train due to a hectic work schedule and family obligations? Or are you a business traveler who wants to get bigger and stronger but is only home on the weekends? If you can relate to any of these then you owe it to yourself to learn how to gain weight fast by working out just once a week. . . for less than 45 minutes! Go to How To Gain Weight Fast and find out more today.


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