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Building Muscle Fast - Stretching Plays A Key Role

Steve Phipps

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We have all done it. Trying to get that work out in and done so we stretch out a little bit real quick, knock out that work out and move on with the rest of our day. The problem with this is when we are working a program designed for building muscle fast stretching plays a very key role.

When we stretch we help restore our muscles to normal length and allows for a maximum workout. If we are constantly working out and not performing the proper before and after workout routine of getting those muscle fibers back to normal length the muscles will shorten, become weaker and slower thus not allowing for the maximum workout needed for building muscles fast. This will also expose us to more injury which can sideline your workout program for longer periods of time.

A good rule of thumb should be to make sure you are stretching at a minimum half the amount of time that you spend in your workout. In other words if you are working out two hours a day then you should be spending a minimum of one hour stretching those muscle fibers back to normal position to heal and be prepared for the next workout.

Failing to counteract the shortening of the muscles that occur when working out with weights by properly stretching those muscle fibers back into place will without a doubt put you in position to have an injury not to mention that you are not getting the workout you need to be building muscles fast.

I hope this helps to make you understand the importance of stretching as it is one of the most common mistakes and I do not know how many frustrated lifters I have seen complaining they are putting in the reps and sets but they are not getting the strength and muscle results they desire. It's all in the stretching.

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