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New Ideas For Your Hardcore Body Building Workout, How To Build Up Muscle, And Your Biceps Workout


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Have you ever wondered about how to build muscle and use a hardcore body building workout which you may have read in one of the magazines? Have you ever reached a point of stagnation in your training, especially if you train in a commercial or corporate gym? Have you ever found the lack of passion in the members in the majority of commercial gyms to be a “drain" on your efforts? If so, take heart! You are going to learn some fun ways to add variety to your workouts even if you train in a gym which plays nothing but terrible dance music!

There are several gyms which are considered to be “hardcore" around the United States. Perhaps two of the most famous are Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas, and Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. These two gyms are known for a no-nonsense atmosphere, great lifting music, and an expectancy that you will simply perform to the best of your abilities every time you walk in the door. Why these gyms are applicable to your situation is that you can learn some new (and fun!) techniques which are used at both gyms, and you can apply them in your own training routines and body building workouts.

If your gym has any of these upcoming items lying in the corner, consider using them to add variety in your workouts once you know how (and when!) to use them:

  • Lengths of chains (to be draped over the bar)
  • The Trap Bar (sometimes called the Trap Deadlift Bar or Shrug Bar)
  • A 12-inch to 18-inch box for Box Squats (please get proper instruction for safety form on these)
  • Cambered Squat Bar or Safety Squat Bar (this is also useful for taller lifters who like to squat)
  • Thick elastic bands which are wrapped over the ends of the bar and used for improving weak areas during a lift (such as the bench press)
  • Wooden boards to used during a Board Bench Press
  • Reverse Hyperextension machine (to help with lower back problems; please speak to your doctor before doing these as lower back problems can lead to other health concerns)
  • Dragging sleds (aka “Pulling Sleds" or “Weight Sleds") to be used when doing Conditioning Work which is different than weight training or cardio.
  • Gaspari Bicep Curl Bar (this allows for wrist turning during the concentric/lifting portion of a bareball curl)
There are many more bars, handles, grips, and pieces of equipment which you can use. Start your research and incorporate them AFTER you learn their proper uses and how to use them safely. Any of these will most likely garner strange looks from the average member of a commercial gym. So simply remember that many of these hardcore techniques - which became popular due to the two most well-known hardcore gyms - are used by top athletes every day. You will be well on your way to adding fun and variety back into your workouts. . . and hopefully some new muscle!

If you found this article to be useful and relevant, you are welcome to visit to get weight training & exercise information which simply works! You may also get the information by going to any of the following websites (if they are easier for you to remember):

You are invited to join the Metroflex Gym Newsletter and download free reports, training logs, and receive special unannounced bonuses!


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