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The leg exercises you choose for your workout needs to include a variety of exercises which target the muscles from different angles. Training the legs takes a lot of time and you need to make sure you devote time in your workout to developing these muscles. Six to ten repetitions of each exercise is needed in order to do the job well. You should choose an appropriate weight to start with so that you can do ten and when you feel comfortable with this you can move to a higher weight.

On a leg press, you can exercise the full thigh muscle. Make sure your feet are shoulder length apart on the crosspiece and the toes pointed outward. Take hold of the handles and bend your knees. Then lower the weight as far as you can without changing the position of your hips. Then slowly push the weight back up using your heels, not your toes. Repeat by slowly lowering the weight.

Squats are also useful for developing the leg muscles. Place the barbells on your shoulders and starting with your left leg, step onto the t bench. Repeat with the stepping motion bringing both your feet onto the bench before you step down. You don't even have to use any exercise equipment to strengthen your leg muscles. A power jump by crossing your arms over your chest and jumping up and down is a good exercise to use as well. Leg curls with help your hamstrings, as will leg extensions on a machine.

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