The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tridenosen H

Jean Morgan

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Tridenosen H is the new steroid that is expected to excel as the most revolutionary of steroid products. In fact, the product is now the leading anabolic steroid in Australia's black market and is fast gaining traction in Northern Europe. So, what exactly makes this new steroid a hit?

Technically speaking, Tridenosen H is not considered an anabolic steroid as it does not influence synthetic hormones through anabolic effects. But despite that, bodybuilders can still experience in Tridenosen H muscle fullness because of its excellent retention properties. Tridenosen H is not also a hormonal anabolic since it does not hamper the crucial hypothalamic/pituitary/testicular axis. As a matter of fact, Tridenosen H increases the body's production of natural hormones, including growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, IGF-1, EPO.

Aside from being highly anabolic and thermogenic, Tridenosen H is also a vasodilator of the plentiful vascular beds found in striated muscles. Also, through Tridenosen H, blood supply to the skeletal muscles are increased by 92 percent.

All these beneficial properties of Tridensosen can be attributed to its most powerful component, which is the Adenosine 5'-triphosphate, or more commonly known as ATP. ATP is a component that provides over 11 times more cellular energy. When there is an increase in creatine phosphate levels, there is an elevation in ATP levels, which also causes an increase in protein synthesis. Due to the significant effect of Tridenosen H on protein synthesis, bodybuilders are now able to turn-over protein much faster, as with regular anabolics, but minus the androgen-related side effects.

The other benefits of Tridenosen H include the following:

  • Activates numerous dormant muscle fibers that have never been exerted before, causing them to grow larger;
  • Increases in protein synthesis;
  • Enhances performance of the endocrine, thereby causing the release of testosterone and growth hormones;
  • Boosts the endocrine system through the Tridenosen H component ATP;
  • Enhances capillarization by increasing the number of capillaries that carry blood to the muscles, causing them to grow;
  • Develops new nerve beds in the skeletal muscle to further assist fiber activation, making muscle grow more; and
  • Promotes fat burning through ATP, which prevents A1-adenosine receptors from shutting down and causing fat to be stored.

Tridenosen H comes in two forms: the oral and injectable forms. One setback to the oral form of Tridenosen H is that it requires a longer time before it can be dispersed, usually about 45 minutes to an hour. This is due to a special coating that protects it against stomach acids. In comparison, the injectable Tridenosen H hits in about 15 minutes. Despite the time difference, ATP concentration in the oral form is higher.

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