Wanted! Dead Or Alive! Debunking The Protein Myth!

Wade McNutt

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Almost everyone knows that you require protein to build muscles. Bodybuilders research and consume more protein than any other athletes. Most bodybuilders today are looking to get the most amount of protein for the least amount of cost and ideally get the most effect. In a quest for muscle size, it’s easy to be confused and lured by slick advertising, celebrity endorsements or scientific studies that tell us how many grams of protein of what quality, we are consuming. The problem is the entire protein industry has overlooked some very important aspects of what constitutes a good protein and what constitutes a bad protein.

The confusion about protein availability became slightly more complex when scientists developed the Bioavailability Index (BV) and the Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) index. These indexes were designed to show us that the amount of amino acids in each protein and how much we were getting and how efficient the protein was. Proteins were rated on this scale which in actuality has absolutely nothing to do with how much protein your muscles are absorbing. In fact, if your food is not electrically available (uncooked or unheated above 120 degrees) you are not getting any of the protein no matter what the score on the index. Heating proteins is the biggest problem with modern processed protein. Most animal proteins are cooked which also destroys the enzymes in protein we eat when we consume animal products. We’ll discuss this electrically available protein later in the article but consider this for a second.

Bill Pearl, one of the greatest body builders ever, used no drugs to build his physique and was a vegetarian. He states emphatically in his book “Keys to the Inner Universe" that live proteins are the key to success in building big muscles and that it is a myth that you need hundreds of grams of proteins in order to build a great body. Now Bill was 5’10 242 lbs way back in 1971 and he managed to build an incredible physique without massive amounts of protein. How did Bill achieve such incredible muscle size without eating several hundred grams of protein each day?

The answer is enzymes. Bill ate almost exclusively raw uncooked food in about an 80/20 ratio thus ensuring he did not use up his metabolic enzymes for digestion. One of the big reasons for the confusion about protein is that people don’t understand how heating denatures protein rendering the enzymes that are naturally occurring in food useless by cooking. If the protein is not utilizable by the body because it has been cooked the amino acids do not cross the intestinal barrier and therefore whatever the source of protein there is no nutritional value within the system. The undigested protein actually is converted into toxins by unfriendly bacteria in the colon such as E. Coli.

Researchers then came up with the idea that by creating protein isolates was the answer. The concept behind isolates, such as whey or milk protein isolates, is by isolating a particular amino acid one could achieve bigger growth through increased absorption. Initially this looks like it works. Almost every study shows that when the test subjects ingested the protein isolates the subjects gain body weight on the scale without a subsequent increase in fat. This lead to all kinds of misleading statements about protein and very few people have actually considered if the protein actually ended up building bigger muscles. In fact the weight gain was not an increase in muscle mass or fat mass it is merely an increase in intestinal bulk.

Upon further investigation one would determine that in actuality that protein never made it to the muscles and actually just compacted in a nice layer of the sludge inside the intestinal tract which contributed to the increase of poundage on the scales. As a matter of fact, these protein isolates are actually converted to toxins that lead to all sorts of disorders. The protein compressing inside the intestines leads to a condition called intestinal toxemia. Intestinal toxemia is the first cause of deficiency. It’s also the starting point for disease cultivation. So, in order for you to grow you have to get protein in your muscles not in your stuck in your digestive tract. So, what is the best protein to eat?

It is extremely important to consume only proteins that are available to the body electrically. Where do I get these electrically available proteins? It’s easy, electrically available proteins occur in nature. All fruits, vegetables, nuts, almost anything that grows has some protein in it, and this protein is already available to your body, it is electrically available. Live proteins that have not been cooked are the only proteins that maintain their electrical integrity and thereby are fully absorbed by the body.

The most anabolic proteins are bonded with some essential fatty acids that make the absorption of the protein better. Ultimately, essential fatty acids have the power to regulate all hormone functions in the body. Keep in mind that fat is essential to absorb protein and to create growth. One of the most overlooked aspects of protein absorption is essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids, particularly the omega 6’s and the omega 3’s should be stacked in a 3 to 1 ratio. Almonds, flax and sunflower seeds as well as many other nuts finely ground are some of the best sources of protein you can consume.

Nature always ensures plenty of fiber content in high protein foods which is the exact opposite of man made isolates. Consider this; nature always puts fiber with all the proteins. The result is once these amino acids have transferred across the intestinal barrier the result is the left over fibrous protein residue which is easily deposited outside of the intestinal tract. Now how to find a high protein, high fiber, and electrically available live protein?

In part two of this article we show you what to look for when selecting a high protein, high fiber, electrically available live protein to accelerate your muscle building gains.

Wade McNutt http://www.freakybignatural.com is a Natural National Bodybuilding Champion and an IFBB Mr. Universe World Champion. He combined the secrets of Eastern Yoga Masters with, scientific, muscle building to produce a revolutionary new system called Freaky Big Naturally. Learn More at: http://www.freakybignatural.com


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