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MUST KNOW! Best 10 Health Tips about your Nails


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Unremarkable nails are often overlooked by us, but they are confusing. According to the US medical report about September twenty-four, the scientific assistant mentor of dermatology at the southern area of Medical College of New York State Institution and the owner of the DNA SkinClinic Dr. Priyanka Reddy a skin specialist released 10 tips about nails.

So here are a total of 10 health factors about your nail you must know it.

1. The nail grows typically a few 3mm monthly. Based on the American Academy of Dermatology, nails of the usual palm grow faster, as compared to the toenails average only 1.6 mm per month.

2. Light places in the nail do not indicate a calcium deficiency presence in the body. Where white spots are common and harmless, neither indicates that the body lacks any specific vitamins or proteins. White patches are likely to be footprints of prior wounds over the nail platter.

3. Both nails and hair are made of proteins called keratin, with different proteins substitutes. Which indicates that healthy hair is also good for nails, as hair fall and white hair are the clear indications health issue which has a direct impact on nail growth. To keep their nails and hair moisturized people need healthy amino fats and a sufficient amount of water.

4. According to the American Academy of Dermatology. Men's toenails grow a lot quicker than females in adulthood stage. The only possible exemption is that certainly fingernails increase faster during pregnancy condition.

5. Biting nails are called nail bite . It is the most common bad habit. According to the statistics of the IMA, about half of children aged 10 to 18 will bite their dirty nail, but as soon as they turn into the age of 30, most people will stop this habit.

6. Nail is a window of health. Some doctors can roughly judge the health of a person only through nails: pale blue color may have lung disease and may have autoimmune diseases. If your nail color changes into pale blue, better get a doctor consultation.

7. ToeNails grow quicker in the summer season than in wintertime. According to research by the skin specialist Dr. Reddy, the growth rate of toenails changes based on climate conditions and temperature for different months of the entire year.

8. About 10% of epidermis conditions are associated with nails. About half of the diseases are caused by poor hygiene. Other common diseases include light areas, up and down lines and microbe infections. Older people are more prone to nail diseases than young people.

9. Stress could affect the health conditions of your nails. In addition to nail-biting. Dealing with stress and ensuring proper sleep will not only have a positive effect on your health but also affects fingernails growth.

10. The hardness of fingernails is mainly determined by genetic factors also the shape and growth rate of fingernails are mainly because of various genetic factors. They are often broken or peeled off, it happens due to dry blood which indicates a lack of moisture present in our blood cells could be treated by drinking a sufficient amount of water.


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