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4 Key Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Skin & Hair Care

Luessi Dino

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There are many benefits of olive oil that make it an important ingredient in skin and hair care products. You can use it directly on your skin and hair or use it along with other natural ingredients. Here are some of the main olive oil skin care and hair care benefits for making it an important part of your life.

1. Olive Oil Acts as a Moisturizer

If you have dry skin, you can use olive oil as a gentle moisturizer. You can use it directly with a cotton ball or along with a commonly used moisturizer. It contains vitamin A and E that help in moisturizing the skin. The oil is rich in healthy fats that help plump your skin.

2. Preventing & Fighting Aging

The process of aging speeds up due to the effects of sunlight, pollution and free radicals. The use of olive oil for face helps in preventing and fighting the effects of aging due to all these different factors. The rich vitamin E content in the oil has been found to be effective in fighting different elements like:

  • Free radicals
  • Skin cell damage
  • Photo aging

Direct application of the oil to damaged and aging skin can give you a youthful appearance.

3. Improved Face Complexion & Skin Tone

When olive oil is applied on a regular basis, it can help in improving your skin tone. It has also been found to health with improving complexion. Additional benefit includes lighting the skin tone. It is effective for use with both adults and children. If you have chapped lips, apply the oil to moisturize and soften them.

4. Hair Care

There are many benefits of using olive hair oil . The different ways it improves your hair health are as following:

  • Preventing Hair Fall: The oil can nourish your hair. It is recommended to apply the oil after warming it and wrap the hair in hot towel. As the oil settles into the scalp, it nourishes both the hair and scalp and prevents hair fall.
  • Improved Hair Texture: If you have brittle hair that breaks easily, apply a mixture of the oil in beaten egg onto the hair. Rinse off after an hour to improve the texture.
  • Shine & Nourishment: Every time your shampoo your hair, message the oil into your hair and wash off after a few minutes. It will nourish the hair and give it a beautiful shine.
Key Properties of Olive Oil

There are some key properties of the oil that make it perfect for skin and hair care.

  • Olive Oil Doesn't Clog Pores: The oil is a more effective moisturizer because it doesn't clog pores. It can penetrate the skin and has a cleansing effect. If you have any existing skin conditions, the oil doesn't worsen the condition.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Olive oil is rich in a wide range of antioxidants, the most important of them being polyphenols, vitamin E, and phytosterols. Topical application can help in protecting your skin against premature aging. Hydroxytyrosol is a rare compound in the oil that helps in preventing free radical damage to your skin cells. Vitamin E, along with other antioxidants has powerful anti-aging properties.

Thus, there are many reasons for using olive oil for improving your skin and hair health. It helps fight aging, prevents damage from pollutants and sunshine, and improves complexion and skin tone.

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