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Which Features Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Are Ideal For Maintaining Ageless Beauty?

Luessi Dino

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Extra virgin olive oil is known for its protective features that are friendly to all parts of body. This is the reason why it is being used as body oil, hair oil, cooking oil and what not. Here is how extra virgin olive oil supports health and helps user stay young.

It helps women manage their beauty till quite late in their lives. The natural ingredients of this oil are good for skin and hair and therefore, it should be included in daily beauty regime.

We all are extra careful when it comes to our body health. Either we depend upon supplements or tweak in changes in our food, the choice is ours. However, if the body health is maintained using natural ways, the results are far-fetching as well as sustainable.

Of all the nutrients, fats is something that is needed in very moderate amount in body and if the bad fats are in abundance in the food we eat, they may cause health troubles. Talking about external features and their beauty, fats do play an important role there too. Thus, extra virgin olive oil is one such food ingredient that can help us achieve our fitness aims without depending too much on medicines and harmful chemicals. Here is how it is helpful.

1. Maintains good heart health: Best olive oil is what you need when you look for heart-friendly food options. This oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are considered good fat and this oil helps maintain low cholesterol too. Thus, if you want to maintain a healthy heart, replace the existing cooking medium with olive oil of extra virgin quality. You will be amazed by your energy levels post its use.

2. Good cleaning medium for skin: If you want to have a natural way of scraping the dead skin off the body, you can try. This oil can be used to make a paste after mixing with essential oil and sea salt. This paste shows fabulous results on regular use and makes your skin look fresh and problem-free. You can use this oil as a medium for removing make-up too.

3. Helps maintain good bone health: Extra virgin olive oil in India is the best thing that can happen to the bone health. Regular massaging the hands and legs with this oil is found to have profound results on bone and joint health. This oil reduces the chances of osteoporosis and provides ample warmth to body. Various baby oils are made using olive oil and all these have proved to be skin-friendly as well as helpful in maintaining bone health. So, instead of depending upon tablets, use of olive oil should be tried for keeping bones and joints healthy and strong.

4. Helps maintain beautiful hair: Women are always concerned about hair and its beauty. Falling hair, split hair, rough hair etc, are some of the problems that leave every women worried. Virgin olive oil India when used regularly for massaging scalp strengthens hair. After massaging, it is important to leave the hair covered with hot towel for some time. This helps fight the dryness of the scalp and also removes dandruff off the scalp. Dandruff treatment can be boosted naturally with olive oil massage as it helps keep the scalp moist and checks the growth of dandruff causing agents.

5. A natural moisturizer: With ageing, roughness of skin is the biggest issue faced by women. They are always worried about lines and patches that make their skin look dull and old. It is quite popular among beauty-conscious females who want a natural solution to these problems. Virgin olive oil does the job of regenerating the damaged skin cells which are the root cause of ugly changes that take place in skin as it ages. Thus, constant repair allows the skin to retain its agility till quite late and helps women look beautiful and fresh even in old age.

6. A good scrubbing agent: The best olive oil available in India is liked because of its exfoliating properties. The oil, when mixed in correct proportion with sea salt and some essential oil (almond or lavender) drops is used as scrub ideal to be used at night before sleeping. This paste helps remove all the dirt off the skin which is exposed to smoke and dust all through the day and offers extra smoothness that everybody craves for.

7. Hair and scalp paste: Hair is a major beauty factor in woman and ignoring it can cause their untimely fall and graying. Extra virgin olive oil in India has got many takers because it offers requisite moisture to the scalp. Dryness of the scalp can be treated by massaging scalp with the virgin olive oil followed by covering the head with a hot towel. Once you wash the hair with mild shampoo after this treatment, you can get the advantage of spa like glow right at your own home, that too without spending a bomb.

8. Makeup remover with advantages of skin care:Virgin olive oil soaked cotton balls should be softly rubbed, in circular motion, to get rid of makeup when you want to come to natural self at the end of the day. This oil helps remove coating of makeup and dirt off the facial skin easily and nourishes it beautifully in the process of massaging. Thus, your lifestyle’s disadvantages can be dealt better with virgin olive oil.

9. Cuticle treatment: Soak hands in warm water powered with extra virgin oil of olive and you can see the cuticles softening in no time. Ugly looking hands can do a disaster to your whole look; thus, you can do wonders to them with easily available olive oil and get beautiful hands in few minutes. Thus, you can enhance the effect of manicure by doing this small and easy procedure at the start.

Beauty adds to self-confidence, and losing it to ageing process is one of the most dreaded fears of a woman. To stay beautiful throughout life may not be possible, but ageing can definitely be postponed by using certain products that are skin-friendly and easily available too. One such product is extra virgin olive oil and is in great demand because of the fabulous results it delivers. Here are some of the advantages of this oil that give you best reasons for including it in the daily beauty regime.

To conclude, beauty can begin at home. All you need is to take a look to your beauty regime and fill it with natural solutions like olive oil. This miracle food for your skin is sure to make you an ageless diva with its far-fetching effects.

So, if you are looking for a tip-to-toe beauty and health supplement with no side effects and enormous benefits, you must consider including olive oil in your regime.

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