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For Gorgeous Skin Hair And Face—Use Olive Oil

Luessi Dino

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Olive oil as a beauty ingredient has a lot of benefits, many of which are relatively unknown. This article seeks to explore the beauty benefits of olive oil when used on a regular basis.

Beauty is an inherent quality present in one and all. But there is a need to express it better by taking care of it and nurturing it with passion. While scrubs, masks, creams etc. , have chemicals in them which might cause damage with long-term use, olive oil is one natural ingredient which gives excellent results without ever causing any damage.

How does olive oil benefit hair

The hair is a most prized possession for many and taking care of it with olive hair oil can prevent the onset and cure of a lot of hair problems and also enhance the quality of the same. ways in which these can be effected are:

  • Treating dandruff: The presence of dandruff results in the formation of dry and flaky skin which can be easily taken care off by massaging a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and water onto the damp scalp at least once a week.
  • Prevents split ends: This is a problem usually faced in the dry winter months and regularly massaging the hair with olive oil helps smoothen the hair thereby preventing the onset of split ends.
  • Aids hair growth: Massaging the hair with olive oil after a shampoo can prevent the formation of and remove sebum, the presence of which slows hair growth by prevention of new hair follicle formation.
  • Gives softness and shine: Regular use of olive makes the hair much more manageable by giving it strength, softness and a healthy shine and bounce.

How does olive oil benefit skin

A regular olive oil skin care regime is extremely beneficial for the skin since it helps to:

  • Moisturise the skin by giving it a hydration boost,
  • Provide relief from skin irritation experienced due to the presence of dry or itchy skin as well as inflammation of the skin,
  • Fight signs of ageing with the help of antioxidants present in it which prevent the oxidation of free radicals of the skin by neutralising them and reducing skin damage,
  • Cure the cracking of the heels by moisturising them deeply and also smoothening the chapped skin on the heels,
  • Exfoliate the dead cells from the skin when used as a scrub by combining it with other natural ingredients like rice flour etc. ,
  • Ensure the health of the skin which can be facilitated by giving it a good massage regularly so that vitamins like A, D, K and E get incorporated into it making it much more healthy.

How does olive oil benefit face

The face is the most beautiful part of a woman’s body and taking care of it by the regular application of olive oil for face helps to retain and enhance its natural beauty. In fact the effect of the benefits of the use of olive oil on the face can be seen and felt throughout the lifetime of the person. Some of the important benefits are:

  • Reversal of damage caused by ultra-violet radiation,
  • Moisturising the face and keeping it looking soft and young-looking,
  • Fighting and removal of acne causing bacteria,
  • Smoothens irritation caused by sunburn etc.

The benefits of olive oil for the skin, hair and face are many and need to be experienced to understand. Hence it is best to incorporate the use of olive oil in any beauty routine followed regularly and maximise its benefits.


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Olive Oil And Skin Care
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