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Enjoy Skin Care Benefits By Using Olive Oil

Luessi Dino

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In the present day, olive oil is extensively used in fields such as cooking, skin care, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics. The oil is extracted directly from the olives by pressing them. The olive plants originally belonged to the Mediterranean Basin and the olive oil was used as the medium of exchange in the Middle East regions.


The oleic acid is the major component of the oil having a share of almost 83%. Other substances that are present in the oil are linoleic acid and palmitic acid. These acids have a share of up to 21% and 20% respectively.

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients in many day-to-day in-house applications. It is the second best natural element after turmeric that has been extensively used since time immemorial. Olive hair oil was used in many parts of the world and is still in great demand after the coconut oil.

Antibacterial healing balm

The modern day products contain a whole lot of artificial substances that take up a major volume of any product. Also, these products are very expensive. Instead, some products can be home-made such as the healing balm. With the olive oil as the main ingredient, other substances are comfrey and dried plantain leaves. The ingredients are mixed thoroughly to form a paste. This homemade cream works as good as the industrial product Neosporin.

Makeup Remover

There are countless industrially manufactured products that are available for the removal of the makeup. Again, these products may have harmful chemicals and substances that may have adverse effects on the user. A much better and organic substitute is the olive oil. A small amount of the oil may be applied on a piece of cotton. This can be used to remove the makeup as it is a natural dissolving agent.

Chapped Lips

During winters, the lips lose their moisture and tend to get chapped. This may eventually lead to bleeding and the organic solution for chapped lips is again the olive oil. A mixture of sugar and the oil can be applied regularly to lips to regain the moisture. Also, applying small amounts of the oil can reduce the dryness on the palms as well.

Other benefits

Other than olive oil for face , it has many other diverse applications. It can be used to reduce the stretch marks for women post pregnancy. The oil can be directly applied on the stretches on a regular basis. This helps in keeping away new marks and simultaneously reduces the existing marks.

One of the main reasons as to the high demand of the olive oil is its ability to prevent premature ageing. Also, as the method is natural, it is adopted by various folks over the world. It consists of hydroxytyrosol and vitamin-E that slow down the process of cell degeneration. The elasticity of the skin is maintained by the squalene acid in the oil. The olive oil also helps in curing sunburns.

The oil can be used for shaving and waxing purposes also. It has the added advantage of leaving behind the shaved region rich in vitamins.

The olive oil skin care has been adopted by many groups of people as it provides an all-round development and maintenance of the skin for all age groups.


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Using Olive Oil Facial Cleansers in Your Skin Care Routine
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