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Home Beauty Remedies with Olive Oil

Luessi Dino

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It is nearly impossible to underestimate the power of liquid gold. It has been in use since ages and has never disappointed. The human civilization has been harvesting the benefits of olive oil for hair and beauty in multiple ways.

Olive oil comes brimming with anti-ageing components and anti-oxidants, which together make it a desirable liquid for hair, skin and nails. Following are the olive oil skin care uses:

1) Ear wax remedy:
Fed up with ear wax build up every other day? Let olive oil come to your rescue. Put 3 -4 drops of olive oil for a few days every time before you sleep to let go of the wax.

2) Nail conditioner:
Managing nails seems easy but is one of the most difficult tasks. However, if you wish to have long beautiful nails, all you need to do is apply olive oil on the cuticles and see your nails grow.

3) Rash treatment:
There are a very few products in the market that suit the skin of both adults and babies. Olive oil is one of them. Rashes from diapers or any other can be easily treated with liquid gold.

4) Shave it off:
Running out of shaving cream can be scary if you have a meeting to attend. Go to the kitchen, get some olive oil and let it work the trick for you. This natural lubricant will safeguard you from razor burns, cuts or any kind of irritation post shave. Surprised already? The olive oil skin care span is huge and this is just one of the many purposes it fulfills.

5) Heel repair:
Cracked heals are common problems and can be a cause of pain in feet too. Applying olive oil after exfoliating with a pumice stone can really help you get rid of cracks. It is advisable to apply it before you sleep and cover it with socks.

6) Lip care:
Chapped lips are an embarrassment and olive oil again is there to save you. Apply it on your lips and see the magic happen.

7) Makeup remover:
Applying oil on your makeup seems weird until you actually do it. Using olive oil helps clear away the makeup easily. Why does this happen? The answer to this is the simple science. The oil particles attract and join with the makeup particles (chemistry, you see) and thus you get rid of both of them once you rinse your face.

8) Treatment for eczema:
Extra dry skin can be easily moisturized with the qualities of olive oil and therefore, it becomes one of the best choices for skin diseases like eczema.

9) The one treatment before you shampoo:
Conditioning your hair before shampoo is a good idea and doing it with olive oil is even better. All you need to do is warm the oil and apply it nicely to your hair and scalp. Let it rest for 15 – 20 minutes and then shampoo. There you have it, silky, smooth and shiny hair. It might not be wrong to call it olive hair oil .

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