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How To Use Olive Oil To Improve Skin And Hair Quality

Luessi Dino

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People have been using Olive Oil as a miracle food for skin and hair since yesteryears. Mothers prefer to massage their babies with olive oil for better skin quality. It is because of the richness of anti-oxidants and a few other acids that it is able to impart distinct softness to the hair and thus, is regarded as a staple for healthy, bouncing hair.

Who does not want soft, shiny skin and thick, long hair? In fact, in the hope to get amazing hair and skin, women are ready to shell out thousands of bucks every month in taking spa treatments. The good news is that the spa-like results can be achieved using a variety of home products – olive oil is one of them. The best olive oil for skin prevents the oxidative damage of skin and makes it soft, shiny and supple.

Olive hair oil is also quite in demand. It is known to add body and resilience to the hair. It is considered the best as it provides ample nutrition to the scalp and prevents it from getting excessively dry. Here are few properties of olive oil that makes it substantial for good hair growth.

  • Olive oil has moisturizing properties: Olive oil is used widely for massaging hair owing to its moisturizing properties. It has emollients that are responsible for the proper lubricating and softening of the scalp.
  • Olive oil promotes hair growth: Yellow of the egg mixed in 3/4th cup of olive oil should be applied to the scalp deeply. Then cover the head with shower cap to retain the moisture for longer time. You will find outstanding shine and softness in the hair once you shampoo the hair thoroughly after this treatment. Regular use (2-3 times a week) of this treatment results in voluminous hair.
  • Olive oil also provides safe solution for controlling lice growth and dandruff: It has some medicinal properties too. Its regular application on scalp not only kills lice and nits which should be combed off properly after massage, but also restricts the growth of dandruff flakes.

Olive oil as skin supplement

Very few people are blessed with soft, glowing, blemish-free skin. For others, it becomes imperative to provide something extra to the skin. Olive oil has rich anti-oxidant content. These anti-oxidants help fight wrinkles by diminishing their growth. If used at the very start of the onset of ageing, it prevents development of wrinkles too.

Olive oil acts as a humectant and adds moisture to the skin on regular massage. It is quite useful for nourishing the dry skin, and thus, is used as a moisturizer for face and hands. For better results, one must use olive oil for face twice a day. Massaging time should be at least 10 minutes for inducing better blood circulation.

Olive oil skin care routine is a smart hack to remove the make-up from eyes or face. It helps retain the nutrients in the skin that can be robbed by excessive use of make-up or face powders. Exposure to rough weather conditions also worsens the quality of skin. So, all these issues give way to a variety of skin problems such as patchy skin, acne etc. Olive oil is an easy solution for keeping all these problems at bay and to make you look young and beautiful always.

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Natural Skin Care Recipe - Olive Oil Skin Care Product And More
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