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The Infinite Skin Care Benefits of Olive Oil

Luessi Dino

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Olive oil, being a naturally available product, is free from any sorts of impurities. Endless beauty and skin benefits have made it a choice for numerous people and the love is increasing every day.

Having talked a lot about the health benefits of olive oil when used for consumption, let us now focus on the benefits of olive oil for skin. Just as it works wonders for our health, it has the same effects on our skin as well. It is not only limited to being a healthy ingredient in the kitchen but also a natural beauty product to be stacked on your shelf. Olive oil skin care was no alien to even ancient civilisations when the variety of beauty products that we have now were not an option. Using organic olive oil for skin care is a very effective and natural way to protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals. It helps nourish the skin when used daily.

Olive oil is a product received from crushing the olives and therefore is an all-natural product. It contains oleic acid which in itself is a natural skin regenerator and hence helps regrow new skin cells. Olive oil adds moisture to the skin and rejuvenates it internally. Also, it helps in the removal of sweat, sebum and dead skin. Being antioxidant rich, it protects the skin from ageing keeping it hydrated and supple and maintaining its elasticity. Owing to all the benefits it has for the skin, olive oil for face care is also increasing as a choice.

With more people understanding the benefits of this natural miracle product, the demand of olive oil is increasing and giving all the manufacturers a tough competition to produce the best olive oil for skin care. People are now using it as a part of their regular skin care routine. A wide variety of beauty products containing olive oil are available in the market. Beauty products such as shampoos, soaps, lotions, scrubs, wrinkle creams, cleansers and many more now have olive oil as one of the ingredients.

Extra virgin olive oil, also known as EVOO, is referred to as ‘the beauty secret’. Although we have given a mention to the multi-billion dollar industry products that contain olive oil, the benefits can be availed without spending on the expensive creams and using olive oil alone. People believe that being oil, it clogs skin pores, which is not true. On the contrary, it enters the skin, moisturises and hydrates it and forms a protective layer. The antioxidants repair and renew the skin. One more way of using olive oil for skin care is by adding it to the bathing water. Once done, the skin feels healthy, radiant and rejuvenated.

Not only beauty, it caters to medicinal effects as well. Acne is a problem faced by a lot of people today and using olive oil, which helps removal of dead skin, helps reduce and control acne. Hair and skin itch fighters can be made by using olive oil and neem oil. Applying the mixture to irritated skin, should provide relief.

Another major concern is calloused feet. No other moisturisers can effectively help you remove the callousness but olive oil. It performs the task, like a pro. Olive oil is a simple, inexpensive remedy when compared to other treatments which basically succeed because a lot of EVOO content in them, making it pointless to spend truckloads of money on them.


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Using Olive Oil Facial Cleansers in Your Skin Care Routine
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