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Your Hair Salon And Your Health

Kamil Jain

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If you are a hair salon employee or a regular customer, you definitely know the amount of time that you spend at the salon and, as a result, cleanliness and sanitation should be given top priority. Most people don’t realize that many viruses, bacteria and many other types of microscopic organisms can easily thrive on different implements and tools of trade that are used at the top hair salon without your being aware of it.

There are always chances that you can contract something serious when you visit your hair stylist. For instance, the comb that your hair stylist uses to smoothen your hair may have been used on someone who may have had lice but your stylist uses it on your without disinfecting it. There are many times when that salon staff will use rollers to roll up your hair in preparation for setting it so you can get bouncy curls but they may have been used on a customer suffering a scalp condition such as psoriasis. There are times when the towels that wrap your head may have been used on another client having you don’t know what condition and that can be plain disgusting.

A fast glance: You can easily tell the cleanliness and sanitation level of your favorite hair salon by giving it fast casual glance; you may want to start by looking at the tray where their tools of trade are stacked-combs, brushes, rollers, scissors and the rest. Check whether those brushes and combs appear to have other people’s hair stuck on them or they appear to be oily; if you can, discreetly venture your hand and run a finger along the comb and if there is an oily feeling, it is definitely oil from another person’s scalp. A top hair salon will always wash and disinfect all those implements before they can be used on another client.

Check out the towels: The next thing that you are going to check on is the towels; see if they are strewn all over the place or they are stacked neatly on a shelf. You may also want to make a discreet inquiry by casually asking who washes them. As a rule of the thumb, towels that have been used on one client, even for something as simple as drying a person’s hair should never be recycled without being washed and dried first. Sharing towels is one of the fastest ways for you to catch something more than you paid for when you go to your favorite hair salon.

Sneeze that hair out: Take the time to check the hair that may be accumulating on the floor and ask yourself whether the floor is swept and cleaned on a regular basis; there are hair salons that let several clients get a haircut before they can start sweeping the mess.

Check your hair stylist: last but not least you need to take a keen look at your hair stylist ; check whether they look clean and tidy and especially how clean their fingernails are. You don’t know what bugs dirty fingernails could be carrying.


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