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ABCs of Laser Hair Removal treatments


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The popular laser hair removal treatment in Birmingham is frequently requested, as patients can get rid of unwanted hair in a non-invasive manner and the results are known to be long lasting.

A popular laser treatment in Birmingham is the laser hair removal procedure. The uniqueness of this treatment lies in the fact that it is non-invasive and it ensures lasting, aesthetic results.

While patients who are looking for a way to remove unwanted hair mightmake good candidates, there are other aspects thatthe laser specialist will consider when assessing the suitabilityof a patient. It is important for the patient to have a strong contrast between the natural color of the skin and that of the hair. This contrast is vital to the effectiveness of the treatment and the overall satisfaction that is gained. Best results are seen in people who have light skin with darker or combination hair. While people who have light colored hair and darker skin can achieve moderate results, those who have red, graying or blonde hair would not make goodcandidates. Further, patients with coarse thick hair also make better candidates than those with thin fine hair.

Prior to the laser hair removal treatment with the Birmingham specialist, the areas or spots that have to be treated are shaved. The first step of the treatment is the application of an anesthetic cream. Based on the type of laser to be used, a gel, spray, or cool laser tip can be used to make the patient feel more comfortable during the treatment. The patient, and the Birmingham specialist, will have to wear special glasses to block harmful light during the course of the treatment. The pulse frequency, size, and power is adjustedby the technician, based on a comprehensive, yet quick, evaluation to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the treatment. A hand-held laser is used to focus the energy onto the hair follicles.

Althoughpatients can go back to their daily routines soon after this laser treatment in Birmingham, a few patients may experience some minor redness and swelling. These will subside within the course of the day. As per the guidance of thedoctor, patients can use aloe lotions or gels, anti-inflammatory creams, or ice on the treated area to reduce discomfort. After the first procedure, most patients are required to come in for another treatment session within the next four to six weeks. This course of treatment continues till the growth is eliminated. Many patients experience an eighty to ninety percent reduction in the growth of unwanted hair. While results are essentially permanent, some patients need to make occasional visits to treat few individual hairs.

Now you can benefit from the services of an experienced Board certified dermatologist and a holistic approach to skin care thanks to the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama . Their patients receive total dermatological solutions in a relaxing setting with the attention of a wonderful team of professionals. Read more on: Laser hair removal Birmingham hair removal .


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