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Body Massage Made Easy and Effective


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Body massage is an art that helps the muscles to relax and thus aids in easing tension and worries. It is one of the best natural remedies to relieve stress. Mastering a body massage needs a few tricks using which one can give an effective massage. Before beginning of body massage Vancouver, it is important to set the right environment as it plays a major role in preparing the person who is to receive the massage.

Before starting the massage, remember a few tips;

• Ensure that the room is warm enough. It should be comfortable and not to warm or cold.

• Noise levels should be minimized. Quiet environment provides a sense of relaxation. But care should be taken that a very quiet room also gets discomforting, thus sweet and melodious music can be extremely effective.

• Lighting is another aspect for creating the right ambience for giving a body massage. Direct bright light should be avoided; instead indirect dim lighting should be present in the room. Lighting candles is a good alternative, lampshades and recessed lights can be installed.

• Ensure there is enough privacy to make the person receiving the massage feel comfortable.

• Keep towels handy and cover the individual whenever needed
Steps for giving a Body Massage

• The first step is to ask the subject to remove clothes and lie on their stomach

• The masseuse can now put a dollop of oil in the hands and rub the palms.

• Now starting from the neck, gentle strokes must be applied towards the shoulders. Massaging the temples gently, hands should again close into the nape of the neck

• The neck and the shoulder joint is usually a sore spot rubbing and massaging which gives relaxation to the tendons.

• Now each shoulder must be concentrated. The knots in the shoulder must be removed by massaging it slowly with both the thumbs.

• Pouring more oil, now one must massage in circular outward motions at the spine, with pressing the pressure points gently.

• Again move upwards towards the shoulder from the sides, kneading and massaging slowly, until the armpits.

• Lower back is an important area that must be massaged properly as that area is under much stress all day

• Now open the palms of the hands and massage from the shoulders towards the palm, covering the entire expanse of the hand

• Next step includes massaging from buttocks until the tip of the legs.

• Rub the feet slowly as it gives a lot of relaxation.

• Now turn the subject over, and massage the legs, shins and back thighs

• From pubic stone until the rib cage massage in light circular motions

• Start from the middle of the chest and work towards outside in slow circular motions.

• Finish by kneading the neck area in the sides with the thumb, towards the ear
If the following steps are followed diligently while giving body massage in Vancouver, the subject is bound to feel relaxed, and in many cases fall asleep, which is in fact a compliment.

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