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Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Waxing: A Comparative Study


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Waxing is widely known as a way of removing unwanted hairs of your body or face. Not only women, but men too wax to get rid of extra bunch of hair from face or body. But the problem is, no matter how frequent you wax, hairs are tend to grow back again.

Wax removal leaves a spot on your body when you try it on a tender area of your skin. There are a number of waxing kits that people use for removing hairs from body. But if you do that at home, you may notice that sometimes you have removed even the needed hair. Waxing uproots the hair from your skin forcibly which causes a good amount of pain, and sometimes left with dark cut marks with bruises.

In respect of that, if you take a look at laser hair removal treatments, you will see that laser therapy for hair removal is safer and soothing not only for your hair, but for your skin too. It does not need to uproot the hair, so the amount of trouble you face when you are waxing, you do not need to bear with that in the case of a laser treatment.

Not only that, your waxing always leaves ingrown hair inside the skin which keeps growing back again. Every time you shave or wax, a good amount of ingrown hair stays under the skin that does not let you get rid of the trouble ever and you keep repeating the process over and over again. Laser hair removal treatments burn that root of the ingrown hairs. So for a long period you do not need to worry about hairs on those parts of your body where you do not expect them to grow back.

Laser hair removal treatments are safer than waxing not only for their durability but also for their quality to treat gentle and sensitive body parts with extra care. When you wax your eyebrows or the upper lip, you need to compromise with the chance of bearing with troubles as, for waxing; you need to pull the hairs out of your skin.

Laser hair removal treatments do not even let you feel that your problems have been taken care of. After waxing the upper lip or underarm or eyebrows, you may find yourself dealing with another problem while trying to get rid of one. But in case of laser treatment you need to bear with the hair problems anymore and your skin stays un-harmed.

Now, in comparison of cost-effectiveness, the question may arise that a laser hair removal treatment is quiet costly in respect of waxing. But, when you need to remove some problems that you are dealing with for a long period of time, you will surely prefer to go for a permanent solution other than a temporary one. Once you go for a laser hair removal treatment, you may not need to go back there for a quiet long time; but once you try waxing, you need to repeat it from time to time. Surely, a smooth solution than a painful and miserable one is always welcomed, should there still be any question or doubt about it?

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