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Why Is Hair Loss Occurring In Women


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The disorder of hair loss is increasing in females and ladies are more concerned about their looks. Although since long it was usual to lose hair with age, of late even young women go through the problem of hair loss and it is useful to observe all the possible causes. Dermtologists say that ladies being more concerned about their tresses, apply a lot of chemical products on their scalps which weaken hair. Their hair is also exposed more to chemical hair colors, which as opined by the doctors, must be substituted by non-chemical hair colors for example Henna.

Hereditary component

If the cause for hair loss is genetic it is very troublesome to treat it. However its effect can be decreased and postponed. Although the hair seems to be thin, many of its roots are alive and can grow hair back.


One more main problem for hair loss is dandruff. If you are undergoing much of hair fall and you are facing dandruff as well, you need to take care to have plenty of water. A gently done massage on the scalp using healthy oils, like olive or coconut oil, along with a deep conditioner on day-to-day basis before retiring to bed for an entire week also is helpful in bringing dandruff in control. Dermatologists advocate a daily hair wash in the morning using an dandruff-treating shampoo.


Stress is not only responsible for disorders like high blood pressure and cardiac complications, but also of hair loss. As per dermatologists, stress is a prominent reason of hair loss in females than in males, due to the fact that unlike men, women cannot leave behind stress and they carry it with them. This adversely affects their overall health and obviously hair. A sudden stressful episode hinder hair follicles from growing, which alter undergo a dormant phase of approximately 6 to 12 weeks or even for a longer period. If these follicles are left untreated, they can become dormant for lifetime.


Pregnancy is a time in life of a woman which brings about remarkable alterations in the body because of hormonal variations. This definitely influences hair too in terms of excess hair fall. During pregnancy several vital nourishing elements from the mother’s body are used by the developing fetus. In these, nourishing elements such as calcium are vital for hair and therefore women suffer from hair fall during pregnancy. Hence, they should take the advice of their physician regarding what can be done to compensate the nourishing components and eventually regrow their hair.


Similar to pregnancy, menopause is a period in women’s life which brings about crucial hormonal changes and thereby hair loss. In menopause, both hormones estrogen and progesterone weken due to which hair on head is thinned, and other facial hair grows. Doctors recommend a diet re-evaluation in such conditions by consulting one’s physician. Doctors may advise a short-term treatment using estrogen if necessary. Additionlly, having ample green tea and meals comprising of vitamin B6, shedding weight and getting adequate sleep is of tremendous help, as, the disorder of hair fall may be linked, in some way, with faulty living style.

Tight hairstyles

In addition to the health issues within body, some particular outside issues also may exacerbate the trouble of hair fall like wearing tight hairstyles. Avoid hair weaves, braids, ponytails and stretching hair rollers since they drag your hair. Blow dryer may also contribute to weaken the hair and may make it fall. Hence, at the time of blow-drying, use its cool mode of temperature.

Understanding the exact cause of your hair fall may be of a lot of use to get rid of your disorder. Get aware of the cause and tackle with it correctly, which can regain your hair.

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women
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