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Healthy Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


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The Chinese have got the world raving about the medical benefits of green tea for ailments of all types and gravities. While the orient has been benefiting from this unique natural medicine, recent research in Asia as well as the west has now begun to provide concrete evidence of the health benefits associated with the regular drinking of green tea.

Scientific Acceptance of its Benefits

It has been almost a decade since the Journal of the National Cancer Institute derived at a particular statistics which proved that drinking of green tea reduced the risk of oesophageal cancer among Chinese men and women by a whopping 60%. It is believed that the tea contains a particular compound which facilitates the stunting of growth of cancer cells. In addition to this, a number of medical research papers go on to prove that this tea also lowers total cholesterol levels, hereby enhancing the ratio of good cholesterol vis-à-vis bad cholesterol.

Today, Vancouver based naturopathy experts swear by the benefits of this tea especially for treatment of chronic as well as acute ailments such as – Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Infections, cholesterol, malfunctioning immunity and rheumatoid arthritis.

How it Works
Green tea consists of catechin polyphenols which are especially abundant in epigallocetachin gallate (EGCG). This is considered to be a very effective anti-oxidant, which not only stunts growth of cancer cells but is also known to kill cancer cells without bringing any kind of harm to the healthy cells and tissues in your body.

In addition to this, this component also helps in lowering levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and abnormal formation of blood clots which consequently prevents the causing of heart attacks.

Other Cultures
A medical mystery that had puzzled healthcare professionals for years, popularly known as the ‘French Paradox’ has also been linked back to Green Tea. Researchers around the world have been curious about how the French have lower incidence of any weight related issues and diseases in spite of a traditionally fat rich diet that they consume on a regular basis. While the French have been acquiring their resveratrol, a polyphenol from red wine, one can imagine the benefits of EGCG if it has been scientifically proven to be twice as effective. This has been statistically proven by a study conducted among the Japanese, where 75% of the population is considered to be ‘smoking’ and yet, one does not find a high incidence rate of heart and lung related ailments that are common due to this habit.

Other Benefits of Green Tea

1. The consumption of green tea and its benefits have also been linked back to weight loss. It has been proven time and again that a combination of caffeine and green tea extract expedites the rate at which one’s calories burn.

2. Another fascinating use of green tea comes into the world of dentistry where it is known to prevent the decay of tooth. Its bacteria destroying capabilities also help prevent food poisoning, and help achieve that perfect glowing skin.

The biggest benefit is that it is a natural method of treatment and prevention, hereby ensuring that it has no side-effects and is safe for consumption and use by all.

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