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Half Year Resolutions to Stay Healthy


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You have spent the first half of the year mulling over the best ways to achieve your only New Year resolution to lose weight, stay healthy and fit. Six months on, you don’t need to lose home and there is always time to start afresh. Here are some healthy solutions that you can take into consideration to ensure lifelong health and wellness.

1. Detoxification - You can start your journey towards a healthier you first undergoing a 3 to 7 day cleansing fast. Make sure you consume only organic vegetables and fruit juices which help you get rid of all the bodily toxins. Don’t hold back from picking all your favourite vegetables and getting creative with them to maintain interest in this diet.

2. Hydrating Yourself – It is important that you drink between 8 – 12 glasses of pure water every day. Tap water tends to contain harmful neurotoxins and carcinogens such as chloride and fluoride. Boil drinking water morning to make sure you and your family are consuming safe water.

3. Deep Breathing – Whenever you are sitting idle, in a public transport, while watching TV or before you go into a meeting, breathe deeply to clear out your lungs. You can count to five between each inhale and exhale. This is ideal when you first wake up, go to bed or feel stressed out.

4. Removing Toxins from the Skin – You can use a dry skin brush or loofah to make brisk small strokes from the outside towards your heart. Not only does this help remove the toxins that come from your skin, but they also help increase circulation of the blood.

5. Eating Right – Even after your detoxification diet is over, Vancouver based naturopathy experts recommend tthat you continue eating plenty fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to incorporate a high protein drink in your breakfast and good veggies and foods such as alfalfa sprouts, whole grains and fresh salads and fruits in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Exercise – It goes without saying that the best way to increase metabolism rate, tone muscles and get physically fit is by balancing all your other health projects with some work out. Run, swim or visit the gym. As long as you remain physically active you are on your way to a healthier tomorrow.

7. The Importance of Sleep – A good night’s sleep helps balance your hormone system and also improves your memory. It is believed that one hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to two hours of sleep after midnight.

8. Hydrotherapy – Showers that follow systems in hydrotherapy help cleanse the skin, and stimulate circulation of blood. It is ideal if you are able to alternate between 3 minute hot showers followed by a 30 second cold shower.

In addition to this, try to adopt a lifestyle which doesn’t stress you out. Take regular massages, relax yourself with bathing salts, and enrol in a yoga class. Simple things like following a hobby or a sport will also eventually help you build a healthier life for yourself.

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New Resolutions Are Not Just For New Year!
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