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Why Extensions Made Of Virgin Hair Are Considered The Best To Use


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One of the most coveted materials for use in hair extensions and other products has to be virgin hair. Virgin hair differs from other types of natural hair materials because it has never been treated with chemicals before being collected, and still retains its natural properties. Because of this, it is much easier to use as extensions and other products, and is easier to treat, maintain and apply than a lot of the other normally used materials.

The Advantages Of Using Virgin Hair In Extensions

Because it was never exposed to chemical treatments before being collected and hand processed into extensions, virgin hair retains a lot of its natural properties. Natural hair extensions can become dried out during their creation, and while possible to be dyed or treated, the result will be less than satisfactory. Very often, dyeing natural hair extensions other than virgin hair will appear to have a dullness to the color once completed.

Dying virgin hair, on the other hand, is very easy to accomplish in comparison. Not only will the stylist be able to accurately match the desired shade the client wants, it will appear very healthy after the treatment. The color will be more vibrant, and will have retained more of its natural sheen. It should be noted, however, that over treating even virgin hair can take its toll, and begin to break down the hair.

Easier To Maintain

Once virgin hair has been treated and applied to the client’s hair, the next challenge will be maintaining it for the life of the extension application. Maintaining virgin hair is so much easier than other materials, mostly because of the health of the hair when it was collected and made into an extension. Clients can shampoo, moisturize and even use leave in conditioners if they choose to for maintenance.

Preferred Methods Of Application

When using virgin hair, most stylists agree that three main methods should be used: fusion, bonding and weaving. During fusion, the hair extension is applied by separating out the strands and applying them one by one, using a special glue. Bonding is a similar practice to fusion, but the weft of the extension is placed much closer to the roots. There is a risk for irritation with this method, so have the stylist test a small section first.

In weaving, the stylist creates tracks or sections of braided hair close to the scalp around the head prior first. The extensions are then sewn into the braided tracks, and sections of the natural hair is placed over the virgin hair weave to achieve a natural look. Virgin hair blends in so well with this method that it is hard to tell anything was done.


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