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Six Pregnancy Myths Explained By Yaletown Laser Centre


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Being pregnant is a surreal feeling; phenomenal, strenuous, nerve-racking, beautiful and amorous all at once. These ambiguous feelings engulf a woman and get her mentally prepared for her baby, in the span of “nine months”. And, the moment a woman is pregnant; she has to undergo the ordeal of several dos and don’ts. However, there are many myths that relatives and elders keep advising the pregnant woman about.
Some of these myths sound true, and sometimes false-
Experts have various studies which explain whether or not some of these myths are relevant.

Pregnant Women & Peanuts
The myth is that pregnant women should avoid peanuts. The consumption of peanuts could increase the odds of the baby to develop some allergy.

There is no scientific proof or information about peanuts being harmful. The myth even has it, that child bearing women should avoid shellfish and other potentially allergic food items along with peanuts, which could affect the baby.

A Community Health Scientist in Scotland shed light on this matter stating- In order to affect the baby, the allergy has to get into the mother’s blood and then cross the placenta. He even asserts that before entering her bloodstream, and reaching the fetus, a mother’s metabolism could break down these allergies into nonallergic compositions of amino acids and short chains of these acids.

Lifting Heavy Objects? - Be Careful
Many times, a simple statement is molded into telltales and assumptions which are not true. When a woman is bearing a child, it is like she is carrying a bag full of bricks all day long. The extra weight causes the center of a woman’s gravity to change and make her wobble. This impacts her spine and increases her risk of falling. As the months near her delivery, the harder it gets to balance herself. At a time like this, women should be careful because if they lose their balance, chances of an injury are high.

The myth states that lifting heavy objects could make the placenta to rip from the uterine wall; cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. This is not true. Falling down could cause muscle pulls and back pain, nothing more- Unless, a pregnant woman falls down a set of steps.
Cannot get rid of Body Hair?

A Laser Hair Removal Specialist in Vancouver takes a pregnant woman’s worry about ridding the body hair. What he reveals is that this laser only aims to target hair follicles and the dark matter it. The intensity of the laser light can only pass few millimeters into the skin. The baby inside is unaffected by the treatment. And in extreme cases, if the laser goes a tad bit deeper, the fetus is barely affected, almost nothing.

Harmful Computers
People believe pregnant women should avoid using computers as it harms the development of the baby.
The truth is- working for long hours at the computer, affects a pregnant woman’s back- Nothing more than a backache. The baby is not affected at all.

2 more Myths Dismissed
People think mothers-to-be must avoid colouring their hair. There is no harm caused to the baby. However, one must colour their hair in a cross-ventilated room so the mother doesn’t breathe in the fumes these colours infuse.

Also, walking can fasten your labor; is not conventionally true. In fact, an expecting mother should exercise and there is no activity that can fasten the labor.

By the article author wants to inform all readers about trends of Laser Hair Removal Vancouver for oral and overall health.


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