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Skin Spa for Men Treats Acne Scars & Back Hair

Deanie Canales

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Today, practically every spa center has spa services specifically designed for men. South Florida, New York City and many of the more affluent metropolitan areas and resort towns like Reno/Lake Tahoe are heavily populated with medical spas and Skin Spas that cater to both sexes. On cruise ships, the Spas on board average 35% of their revenue from male patrons. So what kind of treatments are these men opting for?

These “metrosexuals” are requesting a wide variety of services in addition to the typical sports massage many would expect. Facials, hair care and skin exfoliation tend to be the more popular treatments administered to men.

Among the two biggest problems that men face along with women are acne scars and the removal of unwanted hair. There are several treatments available that will address acne scars and hair removal. Here are just a few.

Acne Scars

  1. Blue Light Therapy. This treatment involves the use of a low-intensity light in the form of an ultra violet laser on the affected skin area. This blue light is said to kill the bacteria causing the acne and prevent the appearance of scars.
  2. Chemical Peels. With the use of glycolic or salicylic acid, this therapy causes the top layer of the skin to peel off using a chemexfoliation action, removing many of the dead skin cells and allowing the healthier, younger skin cells underneath to become the new top layer.
  3. Microdermabrasion. This uses a crystalline micro particles forced out of a fine wand at high pressure to remove the top layer of the skin to reveal a smoother layer of new skin.
  4. Laser skin resurfacing. In some cases, Intense Pulsed Light is used to address acne rosacea. Short duration light pulses to heat the skin and the application of topical antibiotics and skin moisturizers.

Back Hair

  1. Waxing. This old method of removing hair makes use of a sugary substance made to stick to the roots of the hair so that pulling them also brings along the hair with them.
  2. Depilatory. The more common active ingredients in this procedure are either calcium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate. This procedure dissolves the hair right at their roots and will take some time before it grows back.
  3. Electrolysis. This method works by inserting an electric current into the hair follicle so that the hair is killed upon contact.
  4. IPL Laser. The melanin in the hair absorbs the light that the laser emits which will only cause the death of the hair follicle because the heat generated by the laser.

One of the best laser skin spas near Lake Tahoe we interviewed for this article had over 30 treatments specifically designed for men. Those looking for permanent hair removal in Reno or adult acne treatments in Verdi need only consult with a licensed skin care practitioner to better understand the available treatments. When considering acne scar removal with microdermabrassion , know that there may be a need for multiple treatments depending upon the depth of the scars. Metrosexuals are not the only males to seek hair removal for men in Huffaker . Unwanted hair can be an issue for any gentleman. Don’t be shy, skin Spa treatments are not just for women anymore.


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