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Professional Permanent Hair Color Review


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Permanent hair color is made for changing hair color, enhancing natural hair color, or covering up grays. There are several different types of hair color including semi-permanent, demi-permanent, temporary, and permanent dyes. Permanent dyes create a drastic difference and last the longest. All hair colors will eventually fade or change over time but permanent dyes last an incredibly long time and do not wash out over time. Permanent dyes typically only require root touch-ups ever few weeks or so.

Generally, when people are seeking permanent hair coloring results they use oxidation dyes. Oxidation dyes typically contain diaminotoluene, a coupling agent, and an oxidant. The ingredient that is typically used for oxidation is hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is typically used as an alkaline. Hydrogen peroxide lightens the hair so that is is more receptive to accepting hair color. Ammonia essentially creates holes in the hair shaft to allow the dye to lock onto the hair. Ammonia also helps speed up the process of dying your hair. Couplers are what creates a variety of different shades allowing people to dye their hair a number of different colors. Permanent hair colors are one of the few types of dyes that will add color to bleached or chemically treated hair. If you don't use a permanent hair color on chemically processed hair it is much easier for the color to fade. Permanent hair dyes work more efficiently because of their ability to lighten the hair prior to depositing color. The molecules in permanent hair color are smaller so they can penetrate the hair shaft more effectively.

Permanent hair dyes are very easy to apply and can simply be put all over the hair for a solid, uniform color. Many hair coloring kits come with an easy to squeeze bottle for applying the color. For more even color you should separate the hair into sections and fully saturate each section. It may be even easier for you if you use a special brush to apply the color. You can create high-lights and low-lights in your hair by using a cap or foils to separate the color. Applying random streaks of color will also create a separated look.

Make sure you know what type of color you want in your hair prior to purchasing a permanent hair color. If you want more of a muted color look for an “ash" brown or blonde. If you want a shimmery shade with a yellowish tint look for a “golden" brown or blonde. “Coppery" browns or reds will have more of an orange tint. A blonde with a “blue" base will give you a true platinum blonde shade. “Cherry" blacks will have a red tint. “Blue" blacks will have a blue tint. Also, keep in mind your actual shade of hair and how many levels the hair color is supposed to lighten. If you very dark hair and are trying to go platinum blonde you definitely won't be able to get to that shade in a single process. Also, some permanent hair colors are specifically formulated to color dark hair so make sure you look into that as well. See our full selection of Permanent Hair Color .


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