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Understanding the Complications of Breast Augmentation Surgery


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While breast augmentation surgery is a routine procedure it is still surgery. With surgery of any kind come risks and complications. This is the same with breast augmentation surgery and one of the most common types of complications is known as an implant mal-position. Implant mal-position occurs when the implant is placed in an improper position along the chest wall. Variations of implant mal-position can include the following, having the implant being places to high, too low or in a laterally unsymmetrical position. In order to correct these common complications another plastic surgery is needed.

A medical mal-position in the lateral sense is also known as Symmastia. Symmastia gives the appearance of one breast and is often called “uni-boob”. This occurs when the breast implants move too far toward the midline. When the breasts move to close to the midline of the chest area the two breasts may actually touch each other. Symmastia can occur if the muscle that is connected to the sternum is cut during the surgery. When the muscle is cut it leaves room for the implant to move toward the middle of the chest. This can also occur if a plastic surgeon is too aggressive during the surgery with the homes of trying to increase the cleavage for the patient.

These overzealous attempts at trying to increase the cleavage often result in an outcome that is far worse. In order to correct this complication the use of internal sutures is needed. Many times it is also necessary to expand the breasts outward to help the plastic surgeon be able to correctly place the implants. Following the corrective surgery a special bra will be needed to help reinforce the breasts and the chest wall. Each woman is different and the healing process will be dependent on each woman.

Another common complication is known as bottoming out. Bottoming out involves inferior migration of the implants. When this happens nipple areola area will be too high on the breasts as well as the distance from the infra-mammary fold to the nipple line becoming to vast. In order to correct bottoming out a rising of the fold will have to be done. This surgical process is done by using internal sutures. The goal of all corrective surgery is make the breasts look and feel as natural as possible. It is always wise to spend some doing your homework before you seek out a plastic surgeon. In order to avoid some of these minor complications one should always ensure that the plastic surgeon they are using is double board certified and can provide them with the highest level of professional care.

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