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Clean and Easy Professional Waxing Review


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There are so many techniques that can be used to remove hair. You can shave, wax, or have hair lasered off, but many times these processes can be difficult, painful, and hard to maintain. When you shave, you have to do it everyday to remove hair growth and people with sensitive skin have to be careful to avoid getting ingrown hairs and irritation. Laser hair removal can be a great option for some, but often times results are not permanent and the process is expensive and can be painful. Waxing can be one of the best options as it yields longer lasting results and removes the entire follicle which can ultimately reduce and slow down regrowth.

Waxing can be costly if it is done at a salon, but if you do it at home with Clean and Easy waxing products it can be relatively inexpensive. The only problem with not having it done by a professional is that you can end up irritating your skin if you do not do it properly. There are also many different types of wax that can be used at home so you have to find the product that works best for your skin. If waxing is done correctly at home with Clean and Easy products, you will have excellent results and smooth skin. Here are some tips for at home waxing:

Picking the type of wax you use may be one of the most difficult parts of waxing at home. There is hot wax, cold wax, and wax that you warm up by rubbing between your hands inside pre-made strips. If you choose to go with a hot wax, make sure that when you microwave it you don't make it so hot that it will burn you. Before applying the wax, blow on it so that it does not burn your skin. If you choose to go with a cold wax, make sure that you rub the waxing strip before pulling it off your skin to warm up the product a little, so that it will really grab hold of your hair. One of the best types of wax are the ones you rub between your hands in pre-made strips. The wax is pressed between two sheets and you rub the outside of the sheets to create warmth. By doing this, you are getting a warmer, more effective product than cold wax yet you are eliminating the risk of burning yourself.

Prepping your skin is also very important. You need to thoroughly wash your skin and dry it prior to waxing. Once you apply the wax or pre-made strip pull your skin taut and let the wax slightly harden. Once the wax has slightly hardened, quickly pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can apply pressure with your hand in the waxed spot to ease any discomfort. If there is any excess wax you can use a cotton swab and some baby oil to remove any residue. Your skin may be slightly red after waxing but this is completely normal. By following these waxing tips and easy to follow steps and using professional Clean and Easy waxing products, you will be able to temporarily and effectively remove hair. See our full selection of Clean and Easy Waxing .


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