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Permanent Ways to Remove Body Hair


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Laser removal and light based removal are the two main ways of removing undesirable body hair. When questioned about this, many women would think of the laser arrangement first as this is very well known. Light based systems have fewer disadvantages compared to the laser operation.

Firstly the Laser System

It uses a process called selective photothermolysis to burn away the hair and the root. The correct light wavelengtht will get rid of the hair whilst leaving the skin undamaged. Permanent hair removal can be achieved very effectively by the laser procedure.

As the sessions of treatment need to be over several weeks to reduce skin damage, the total operation may take some time. Some types of hair do not react well to laser removal such as grey, light colored hair and very light fuzzy hair.
The total cost of laser treament is made more by the fact that only professional qualified people can use the equipment.

In addition to the cost there are other handicaps. In order to alleviate the pain that can be felt as the hair is removed, numbing creams are used to comfort the patient. The numbing creams can have health consequences and therefore can only be used over relatively small areas of the body in one sitting, making a lot of treatment take up considerable amounts of time.

Some irritation, redness, and swelling can be expected in the skin surrounding the treatment area, however these effects are usually gone within 3 to 4 days. Hyper-pigmentation or discolouring of the skin can also occur although adjustments of the equipment during the operation can be carried out to reduce this issue.

If anyone wants to give laser hair removal a try, it is crucial that they detect a good qualified and experienced clinic to carry out the procedure due to the potential issues discussed. Many people will discover the cost of this treatment beyong their means apart from any other concerns that they might have.

Light based Hair Removal - the Other Alternative

Light based hair removal also uses light to get rid of body hair. It uses a much less powerful light that is much safer than a laser beam so the possibility of skin damage is virtually eradicated.

Home Pulsed Light or HPL kills the hair shaft by using pulses of light at the specific frequencies that cause the hair to heat up but makes it possible for the surrounding skin to stay cool. The operation of efficient hair removal as amplified by a unique acoustic effect that allows the light level issued by the product to be much decreased, so minimising the possibility for skin irritation and soreness.

Compared to the cost and the time needed for laser treatment, this scheme can be used at home and can cost a fraction of the cost of a series of laser treatments. As with laser removal, certain types of hair do not respond as well as others, but as the procedure of hair removal is painless, no numbing creams are required.

Skin irritation can occur but is likely to be less that that experienced by laser users and it will usually disappear within a few days.

Whether it is laser treatment or light based hair removal that is used to get rid of undesirable body hair, the thing they both have in common is that lasting hair removal; while it may take some time.

The time it takes for hair to develop under the skin is the explanation why it takes some time to get rid of all the hair permanently. Irrespective of which system is used, only the active hair growth in the growing phase can be removed, due to the 24 month growth cycle. Hair in the resting phase cannot be affected by laser or light based processes. This is why it may take some time to fully remove all hair growth permanently irrespective of what scheme is used.

There are lots of products that use the light based process but Silk n Sensepil is one of the easiest to use and gives superior results. This product is very uncomplicated to use at home. The Silkn system gives complete and lasting hair removal which is enhanced by a unique feature built in called a “Skin Color Sensor" that adjusts the output to suit the user.

Whilst the Silkn product is not inexpensive, when you add up the cost of purchasing creams and waxes over a period of time, at works out very affordable.


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What You Need to Consider When Going For Permanent Hair Removal
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