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How does Laser Treatment for Tattoos Work?


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As the New Year begins in 2012, many individuals often use this time to engage in a bit of self-reflecting. Some people may find themselves reminiscing about their holiday season, feeling content on how much fun they had. Other people may be looking forward to the upcoming year, and setting goals and resolutions for all kinds of facets of their life. However, there are often other people who use this time to self-reflect on things they did in the past that they now might regret, such as a tattoo. Those people who have an unwanted tattoo generally are presented with two options – either have a large cover up tattoo inked on-top of their existing tattoo, or seek Laser Treatment to remove their tattoo. But this begs the question; How exactly does Laser Treatment Brisbane remove a tattoo?

When you were initially tattooed, your tattoo artist placed ink into your skin using a tattoo machine. This tattoo machine allowed the artist to carefully control the placement of the ink, which sat in a layer of skin called the dermis. As your skin healed, the scavenger cells in your body were unable to remove the ink particles as they were too big so the ink became trapped in this layer of skin resulting in your tattoo that you see today.

To remove this ink that is trapped in your skin, a RevLite Laser is commonly used to send out specific wavelengths of light into your skin. This short burst of laser light is then absorbed by your tattoo ink, which results in the ink fracturing into many tiny particles of ink. These ink particles are then able to be removed naturally through your body’s healing process.

Removing your tattoo with Laser Treatment Brisbane is not a quick and easy process. It can take many treatments (spaced at least 6 weeks apart) depending on determining factors such as the colours and quality of the tattoo. Some patients have found the treatment to be uncomfortable, which is why you will be presented with the option to use a local anaesthetic or an alternative pain management solution.

If you are looking forward to the next year and are considering a change by removing an unwanted tattoo, then simply contact your local professional and experienced cosmetic team. They will be able to advise you further on whether you are a suitable candidate for Laser Treatment of your unwanted tattoo, and guide you through the removal process.


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