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Restylane offers temporary but effective smoothening of wrinkles


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Restylane is a popular favorite amongst people looking for means of smoothening their wrinkles, sculpting their lips and to improve their other facial features. This is an FDA approved filler that can produce positive results on facial wrinkles, especially the wrinkles in the mouth and nose region.

Restylane is a clear liquid, non-animal-based hyaluronic acid filler with results that last for six months or more. Depending on your facial and cosmetic requirements, you cosmetic surgeon will decide whether to administer Restylane on its own, or as a combination with other surgical treatments like lip lifts.

The procedure

Restylane injections are administered as an in-house treatment in the surgeon’s office. It is meant for people between the ages of 35 to 60 and is usually administered using local anesthesia, especially if it is used for treating the lip.

There is a possibility of some patients undergoing pain and discomfort from the needle during the injection because Restylane does not have any lidocaine like collagen. The procedure basically lasts between a few minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how much of the face is to be treated. Once treated, patients can return home practically immediately.

How Restylane works

During the first step of the procedure, the surgeon first chooses a few injection points for the areas to be treated, and applies antiseptic on these regions. Then, he decides on the amount of Restylane to be injected beneath the skin.

It is the hyaluronic acid of Restylane that sticks to the skin as its water content retains volume under the skin surface. It is because hyaluronic acid acts as a magnet for water that it effectively helps preserve the renewed skin volume.

You can see results within a week, and these results are much better than using other procedures for removing wrinkles like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Though there may be some swelling for a few days, it’s possible to resume normal activities practically immediately. However it is better to avoid the sun for some time after your Restylane injection.

If there is unmanageable pain and progressive or abnormal symptoms, do report it to your doctor immediately. Remember that while Restylane can reduce 80% of wrinkles, it is a temporary solution, and has to be repeated.

Complications and risks

The common risks of Restylane injections are nausea, headache, redness, flu-like symptoms and pain in injection points. In some rare cases there may be some muscle weakness that disappears in a few days or in some rare cases, a few months after the procedure.

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