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With Many Various Perfumes Available Which Is Right For You

Chickie Maxwell

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People are attracted to scent. Smelling a certain scent can remind you of people, as well as situations. Perfume is an important part of a person. The way a person smells can attract or repel other people. Perfume can also tell others a little more about the wearer’s personality. For example, floral scents are often associated with sweet, sensitive people while musky scents are often associated with people who have strong personalities.

Finding the right perfume can be difficult, sometimes, certain perfumes simply do not smell or feel like the right scent for you. However, the only way you can find the right perfume for you is to open yourself up to the vast world of perfumes and scents available.

Since the late 19th century, people have been exploring and wearing perfume. Perfume was often made from various flowers, herbs, and spices such as almond and myrtle. As perfume making evolved, other ingredients were added to create unique and appealing scents. In today’s society, ingredients can be combined to create essentially any scent desired.

Understanding Perfumes

Understanding perfume goes deeper than initial scent. Many perfumes are created to include complex undertones that are only noticed upon deeper observation. Perfume is made up of three different notes. The first note of perfume is called the top note. A perfume's top note is what you initially smell after you apply it. The middle note of perfume is often called the heart note. You typically smell the middle note of perfume after the scent of the first note fades. The final note in perfume is the base note. The base note in perfume can be smelled after the scent of the second note dissipates. Typically, the second and base notes combine and create the true scent of a perfume.

While one perfume may smell pleasant on one person, it may not smell the same on you. Your body chemistry can have a lot to do with how a perfume smells. This is why you should sample perfume before you buy it. Typically, you will not get the true scent of a perfume until at least thirty minutes after you apply it.

Finding Your Scent

Finding the scent that works best with your body chemistry can take time. The best way to find your scent is to try different perfumes. Look at perfumes that features scents you enjoy. Sample each perfume that appeals to you, and choose the one that smells the best. Another factor you should consider when looking at different perfumes is how long the perfume scent will last after you apply it.

Certain perfume scents may last for a short amount of time, while other perfume scents may last much longer. Your skin type may also affect how long your perfume lasts. When the ingredients in your perfume combine with your body chemistry, it can also affect how long a scent lasts.

The type of perfume you wear can say a lot about you. Particular smells are often associated with different personality types. Before you invest in a perfume, ensure that the scent works with you, and represents who you are.

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