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Remy Hair - Perfect Addition to Beauty


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When hair extensions or wigs are considered Remy hair is the most correct product in today’s market. These are the excellent standard hair extensions formed of genuine human hair. These are in any condition recommendable than the synthetic ones because being Nature’s own creation, they tune up fine with our original hair. In turn in natural hair extensions too, Remy hair is superior, as, its cuticles are intact, so as to provide the natural appearance as well as shining.

Virgin hair is the one which has not undergone any chemical treatment and so is the most suitable to be brought into use to create wigs and hair extensions. On the contrary non-virgin Remy hair are treated with chemical methods before being transformed into an extension or wig. The major among these processes is changing of coloring.

And in both these types, there are two varieties namely, single and double drawn. Single drawn Remy hair in a batch differs a bit in its length, while the second type, i. e. double drawn is similar in length, arranged in such a manner that its cuticles point towards same direction, and therefore they are more expensive, because of the attention and time needed to sort it out depending on length of each thread and arrange them in same direction. The double drawn virgin Remy hair is known to be the best when purchasing hair extensions.
Some points must be considered while buying hair extensions.

You can look vigilantly at the product and identify whether it is of superior standard or not. The product is fine when its cuticles are in same direction. Cuticles are identical with shingles on the roof.

If they are not prepared in the same direction, they twist with each other giving rise to disordered hair. When hair is prepared with its cuticles facing in same direction, the hair appears shiny and more like original.
At the time of selecting Remy hair, it is very important that its color should adjust with that of your original hair.

To confirm if it adjusts, always ascertain your natural hair filaments from their lower portion, i. e. from the middle up to the tip.

This is owing to the fact that this part of the hair is the previous born segment and so fades up a bit than the newly born portion near your head. The portion close to your head is naturally a bit darker than the lower part. The extensions have to adjust the hue of the lower part. It is equally vital that the extensions should match the length, quality and curl of your hair. If your own hair is curly or wavy to a small amount and the extensions you choose are straight, they are not apparently a good match, because it can be identified without difficulty that you have used hair extensions.
It is helpful to have hair extensions cut at certain intervals, in particular if they are clip-ins. Trimming of extensions are beneficial to adjust your own fashion.
Take away the Remy hair at the time of going to bed. Because hair extensions or wigs offer at least some amount of friction on your original hair, dispensing them off your head at the time of going to bed is always preferable.
Remy hair is the most useful choice for today’s ladies to enhance their spleadour, provided they should pay attention to such trifle factors pointed out above.

Remy hair is good choice for hair extensions, just make sure to mach your hair type, for example mach your curly hair with curly Indian hair instead of matching curly with straight hair.


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