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Cannot compromise on hair loss? Persona offers best hair transplant in Delhi


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The most common term heard nowadays is “hair loss”. A lot of people suffer from hair loss. It is inevitable for most since this is commonly part of the natural aging process. Because of this, a huge number of people just let their hair fall off naturally while others choose to deal with hair loss differently.

There are many ways for this condition to be resolved or at least be covered for a longer period of time. One of the most popular ways to do this is to undergo hair transplant surgery. Anyone is eligible for this as long as there are parts of the scalp that is healthy enough to be a donor area.

Let us first see causes of hair loss:

  1. Physical stress – Surgery, illness, anemia, rapid weight change
  2. Emotional stress – Mental illness.
  3. Thyroid abnormalities
  4. Medications – High doses of vitamin A (sometimes present in diet supplements), blood pressure medications, gout medications
  5. Hormonal changes – Pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause
  6. Androgenetic Alopecia – Male/Female Pattern Baldness

Microfollicular hair transplant

Hair transplant has evolved from plugs to microfollicular transplant . Since 1995 Bernstein published its first paper on microfollicular ttechnique there is no turning Back. The advancement since then is made in terms of technique to give best result and causing minimum trauma and more natural alignment .

There are two technique which is more naturally followed.

  1. Follicular unit strip method
  2. Follicular unit extraction(FUE)

Nowadays with the availability of both technique and the advantage of both of both are taken another technique has come into use. This is a combination of both the technique in one patient to take out maximum number of follicular unit to give best result.

With the avalability of follicular unit extraction methods and newer fine punches upto 0.7 mm in diameter the result are good and now the hairs can be taken from the different body areas.


There are different techniques for the extraction the unitsOne is by manual method which is very tedious and require long hours for the procedure

Second is by machine i. e is SAFE system from USA which is very good in terms of speed and precision

There are different puches from 0.7 mm to 1.3 mm.

Thirdly a new sytem has come up called the neograft machine which combines the technique of SAFE system and negative suction so that it can be done by single user

Fouthly the latest advancement is the Robotic system

Follicular unit strip method

This is method in which maximum no. of follicular unit can be extracted in single sittings

We use stereo microscopes to give te best result.

Which method is best

There is no single method that is best but it is the judicious use of both the methods that gives the best result .in my clinic I am using both the methods and also a combination in some patient. The method is chosen according to the requirement , patient choice and donor site availability.

Persona-faces n smiles clinic has the most powerful and effective laser for hair removal . It is one of the few clinics that have both ND-YAG and IPL laser. In the clinic we have powered FUE with 0.7 mm to 1.1 mm punch for hair transplant.


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Planning your Hair Transplant So You have Hair for your Wedding
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