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Do You Have Healthy Hair?


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Our hair is such a basic part of our lives that oftentimes, we neglect its overall health. We go from long to short, straight to wavy, brunette to blonde, and from one trendy hair accessory to another. It helps define our individuality, and changing it up every now and then is a great mood booster for any girl. The heat of the sun, polluted air, even our unhealthy appetites affect our hair. Here are some tips on how to gauge your hair’s health and how you can get the stress out of your tresses.

It’s all in the Bulb

Gently pluck out a strand of your hair by its root. Examine the base: if it has a thick bulb, then your hair is strong. If it has no bulb at all, then your hair follicle is not healthy. This may have been caused by damage from too much styling or it may be linked to hair loss.

Give It a Tug

Wrap a strand of hair around your index finger and thumb, as if holding a piece of string. Tug on it using your other hand. If it snaps immediately, your hair may be lacking moisture. If it stretches, it needs protein to strengthen your hair’s keratin bonds.

Sink or Float?

Gently pluck a strand of your hair and then drop it into a glass of water. If it floats, it means your hair is healthy. If it sinks, it means the hair shaft is porous, which is usually the case if you have color-treated hair, or have protein deficiency.

Bad-Hair Day Away!

Bad-hair days don’t just happen. Sometimes, we bring it upon ourselves! But that’s actually a good thing, because it means we can avoid them, too.

If you go outside with wet hair, you’re exposing your hair to the elements, which can do serious damage. Wet hair is actually more fragile and susceptible to breakage. Since locking yourself in your room all day is not ideal, try styling products that are formulated to help hair dry faster. Finish off with a chic headband to keep your hair away from your face, and you’re all set for the day!

If you don’t use UV protection, you expose your hair to damage caused by UV rays. You need sun protection for more than trips to the beach. Even in the office, fluorescent lighting can fade color and damage your hair. Try styling products with UVB and UVA protection. Shampoos with UV protection are good too, but, of course, you need to rinse them out.

Styling your hair with hair accessories that are too tight can cause hair breakage. Give your hair a rest every now and then. You can let your hair down and still keep it from getting in the way. Choose hair clips that have a snug hold, but are soft and gentle on the hair. There are brands that are designed to stay on even fine, wispy hair without tugging and damaging.

If you use flat irons frequently, try not to subject the same sections to this heat intensity too often. Stick to the old reliable: the blow-dryer. It causes less damage, and to be extra safe, coat the strands with a heat-protective serum before blow-drying.

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