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Cosmetic Surgery For Fitness Freaks


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"Cosmetic surgery for fitness freaks" does that sound incongruous? The fact is a lot of plastic surgery patients are regular gym goers.

• Gym enthusiasts have high expectations from their bodies- they often want chiseled bodies which seems elusive at times even with the toughest workout.

Some fat deposits are genetically resistant to diet and exercise : Like fat on lower abdomen, love handles, outer thigh bulges or hips. Even after idea weight and muscle toning is achieved these bulges stay on.

• People who have shed a lot of weight with exercising are left with loose hanging skin that bothers them. Due to accumulation of sweat underneath these folds tend to become irritated and infected.

• Chest bulges in men (gynaecomastia) stand out in gym wear against their flat abs.

• Some people who avoided gym earlier become motivated to maintain and improve the results of their body contouring by plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons advise people to maintain healthy lifestyle.

• Breast size and shape can not be modified significantly by exercising and disproportionately smaller or larger breasts distract from the rest of the body.

• Some people lose facial fat before the other parts of body and end up looking old and haggard.

And how does plastic surgery improve these nearly perfect bodies? Gym goers are plastic surgeons delight because they provide good base to work on. Some of the most spectacular results of plastic surgery are seen in fitness enthusiasts. Similarly some of the perfect figures seen in gym and on screen have taken plastic surgeon's help. Plastic surgery comes handy in:

• Liposuction can help remove localized bulges from anywhere in body to balance the figure.

• High definition liposculpturing and body etching can outline and define sixpack abdomen.

• Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), thigh lift, buttock lift arm lift and lower body lift procedures can handle problem of hanging skin.

• Gynaecomastia surgery is often the only way to flatten male chest and show the pectorals.

• Some bodybuilders who are unable to develop their pectoral muscles take help of Pectoral silicone implants to mimic bulging pectorals. Similarly calf implants can be used for enhancing underdeveloped calves.

• Breasts can be balanced by breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries.

• Sunken cheeks can be filled up with fat from ones own body or face can be lifted.

Healthy diet, exercising and plastic surgery work in tandem to achieve the perfect bodies. They are complimentary and not mutually exclusive.


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