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How to Makeup your Eyelashes


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In this article I’ll be giving you makeup advice on how to choose the mascara that best suits your preference and the latest trends.

Mascara make up does not only add color to your eyelashes, but also volume. It lengthens and separates your eyelashes and can be water resistant. You need to choose depending on the effect intended. It’s important to choose the right color, black, brown or blue nearly always being the most appropriate. But we must point out the existence of purple, violet and green mascaras as well. It’s important to apply mascara from the roots and from the lachrymal out in a zig-zag motion. This will give eyelashes more volume. Lower eyelashes are made up with short movements out from the root.

Water Proof Waterproof mascaras make up are specially indicated for people who work in a humid environment and are also very useful for the summer months, when temperatures are higher and we perspire more, which can make eye makeup run. We can find them in brown, blue, green and violent.

Longer, more separated Mascaras make up that adds volume has small filaments that stick to the eyelashes lengthening them. Such mascaras also tend to be of medium consistency, allowing you to work the lashes until achieving the desired effect.

More volume Mascaras makeup that add volume are usually thick and dry quickly, which means you’ll have to work them very quickly to achieve a fake eyelash effect.

Trends and scientific advance in cosmetics have produced a revolution in brushes for this season. Several brands have let out a silicone brush that keeps products from going lumpy. Ever long by Yves Saint Laurent is a good example.

Eyeliner, though not as popular now as in the past, is still fashionable. Remember to apply it from the lachrymal out, making the line finer at the start and thicker at the end. This will allow us to create a frame for the eyes, and raise sloping eyes. There is a wide variety of colors, for example, Licuidlast Liner by MAC.

Yves Saint Laurent has let out its Automatic Eyeliner, which creates an extra slim line that is high precision as well as waterproof. This revolutionary product not only solves problems, but is also easy to carry.

I hope my makeup advice has been useful when choosing the mascara which best adapts to your needs. As for eyeliner, when choosing you should think about the color and the thickness of the line. Generally, the thinner the better, as it will be easier to apply. See you in the next issue, with more make up tips.

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