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Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery procedures.


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Cosmetic and Plastic surgery are the earliest procedures in the history of Medical Tourism. It all started with people traveling around the world for finding low cost and affordable healthcare packages for procedures not covered by insurance companies. As healthcare being expensive and getting prettier and prettiest became more important in the world It has become norm to find ways and means to get beautiful nose, wide fore head and slim, athletic figure.

Though it became more important to be beautiful and handsome with the world getting more lime light and communication gadgets getting more sophisticated, relaying photos and images of oneself Made people more concerned and apprehensive of their looks. Resulting in people started looking for options to get customized body shapes, beautiful nose, high chin and athletic figures. Due to increasing costs in healthcare it was beyond the scope of average people western world to find affordable packages.

Came, Medical Tourism, people started traveling for seeking healthcare procedures at destination like Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the fast growing county in Medical Tourism. Its enjoying medical tourist from, Australia, Uk, New Zealand, Middle East and USA for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. And gradually medical tourism industry evolved as a leading industry in healthcare in the world Though it is know by many names, like health tourism, medical travel, global healthcare few of the important ones, and cosmetic, plastic surgery is one of the most important parts of medical tourism procedure in this industry.

It’s a great fact that most of the health insurances and plans do not provide any coverage for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. And this situation was far more complicated few years back and this became the main reason for patients from around the world to look for low cost and affordable packages at destinations which are not expensive and with quality healthcare provision, like Malaysia. And since then Malaysia has certainly evolved as one of the top providers of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery packages at world class hospitals and top class doctors. Malaysia enjoys English speaking medical staff and English is the language of work in healthcare premises all around the country.

Medical Tourism, Malaysia offers, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures ranging form face and brow lift, nose job, chin lift and other facial procedures all at low costs and under care of experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons like, Dr Somasundaram Sathapan. Procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck and other body contouring and shaping techniques in Malaysia are well recognized with good results. The costs of these procedures are certainly lower, some times half or even 1/3rd of the costs of these procedures at European and American destinations. Tummy tuck at KPJ Ampang Puteri Hospital on board Wellness Visit, costs 2000 USD to 4500 USD, depending on areas covered for this procedures. And this procedure in European and American destinations may cost about 5000 to 15000 US dollars.

Medical Tourism, Malaysia at also offers affordable packages for accommodation and hotel. Top class travel and tour options are abundant at Malaysian destination. Malaysia boasts with tourism options like crystal clear blue water sea sides, green rain forests and tropical jungles, still preserved, and as old as about 350 years. Malaysia has modern cities like Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru. Malaysia offers excellent infrastructure of telecommunication and travel. With world’s best low cost airline flying in Malaysia bridging the huge network of airport facilities. Malaysia is certainly the choice destination for its medical tourists from around the world may they come for cosmetic and plastic surgery or for health and wellness packages. Malaysia offers natural and man made spas of top class quality for its tourists.

Thus Malaysia is certainly the top class destination for medical tourism packages including plastic and cosmetic surgery and others, at first world advanced hospitals and other healthcare services, under care English speaking staff. Malaysia has a lot to offer to its tourists, not just health and wellness options but tourists can enjoy natural beauty, city life of developed world. Vast varieties of food with options from western to eastern tastes are all available at destination Malaysia.

Medical Tourism, Malaysia is eagerly awaiting to say welcome to its tourists from all around the world, may it be USA, Europe or Asian countries like Middle East, Indonesia etc.

Contact Wellness Visit for medical tourism options and affordable healthcare packages, and wellnessvisit is just a click away.


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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Why is it So Popular?
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