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What Has Caused Your Hair to Become Dry?


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If your hair is currently very dry then the treatments that are available will focus on hydrating the hair and to also retain any moisture. In order for the hair to remain healthy, the root of the hair actually needs just eight percent moisture content in order for the hair to grow healthy. By adding moisture through the application of a hydrating shampoo or through drinking lots of water will help to decrease the appearance of dry hair.

There are many shampoo and conditioners that will add moisture to the hair and to the scalp and these in turn will help to reduce the appearance of frizz and even help to strengthen hair that is brittle and to help reduce the appearance of split ends. The treatments that are available will also help to give the hair volume and to make it more manageable especially when it comes to styling.

You may actually be wondering what has happened to make your hair become dry and there are different possible reasons for this. Firstly it could just be due to the lack of oils that are naturally secreted through the pores of the scalp. Or it could be due to damage caused by exposing the hair to intense heat. This can be either due to a hair dryer or in the summer, a person has been in the sun for too long. The result will be that the hair becomes frizzy and split ends will become very common as well as the hair being prone to breaking very easily.

Now that you are aware of what the possible causes are for dry hair, you need to be doing something about it. Probably one of the best things that you can be doing is to be eating a well balanced diet and to have a high emphasis on fruits and vegetables and where possible to be eating as much food in a raw state as possible.

The natural hair care products that you need to be using need to be able to increase the moisture content within your hair and also on your scalp and so you need to look for products that will contain ingredients such as that of jojoba, emu oil and also lavender.

These will all help to improve the elasticity of your hair and many of these have been used for many thousands of years. Plus they will also help to soothe the scalp making it less itchy and they also help to reduce any potential swelling.

Some reasons for dry hair have already been mentioned by there is also the possibility that the reason is due to a lack of omega-3 fatty acids. There is still no actual answer as to whether this is the case. But any shampoo or conditioner should also contain a number of essential vitamins also in order to help combat dry hair.

However there are suggestions that there is indeed some improved health benefits if eating omega-3 acids especially to that of the heart and also to the brain. But there is still nothing to suggest that omega-3 oils are of any benefit to the hair, but given that they do have health benefits then there is no harm in taking these as a supplement or to be eating more fish.


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