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The Myths Within the Beauty Care Industry


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One thing that is quite certain about the beauty and skin care industry is that they are many myths, lies, some truths and lots and lots of products in which to choose from.

Some of the myths that are around include those that state using a lot of different skin care products will help you gain much faster results. The truth of the matter is that too many skin care products on your face all at once can actually do more harm than good.

For instance a lot of the products that are available include vitamins and retinol. If you are treating acne you will also discover that some products contain benzyl peroxide and such ingredients need to be applied very lightly to the skin. The amount required is actually less than the size of a pea, so if you are applying more than this to your skin then you are certainly over doing it.

A lot of people make use of toners with the intention of freshening the skin, but it should be known that many of them contain alcohol which take away any of the essential oils that the skin actually needs, and so the vast majority of people do not actually need to be using them. All that you need to do is to ensure that you are gently washing your face or that you have a gentle cleanser that is effective at removing dirt and grime from the pores of the skin.

Then there is your eyes that you also need to consider. The eye area is very sensitive and delicate and there are many creams and lotions that are specific for this area alone. So what is the difference between an eye cream and a standard moisturiser that you might be currently using? Well the answer is very little, providing that your existing moisturiser is very effective in hydrating your skin then there is actually no need to purchase an additional eye cream.

One thing that is also certain about the range of beauty products is that they tend to contain ingredients that can be both beneficial and also damaging to the skin.

The best ingredients are those that are organic and are present in high quantities in order to give the best results. For a range of skin care products to be certified as being organic than over fifty percent of the ingredients need to be organic. You should check product labels and make sure that what you are using does not contain any harsh ingredients or chemicals at all.

So what are these harmful ingredients that you need to be avoiding? Well if you notice that any of the skin care products contain the words Parabens or Alcohol then these are two ingredients that you need to avoid.

Parabens are synthetic ingredients that are linked to certain cancers and alcohol does no more than cause the skin to become dry and to deplete the skin of any natural oils that it needs to stay moist.


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