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Lip Augmentation Injectable Fillers How Can I Plump My Lips and Increase Size of My Thin Lips?


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When choosing to undergo an elective cosmetic procedure like a lip augmentation, it is important that you make sure that your surgeon is a certified member of the local board of plastic surgeons as this means that they have at least 5 years of experience in performing lip augmentations, and experience can mean the difference between great looking lips and repeat hospitalizations.

There are many options that are currently available when it comes to undergoing a lip augmentation. The cheapest, simplest and also the short-term version of the lip augmentation is the use of injectable fillers to augment the lips. Furthermore there is also the option of using a silicon lip implant, but these are seldom done as the injection of fillers can achieve the same thing with less recovery needed.

The use of injectable fillers is a great way to plump up those thin lips, enhance the shallow contours of the lips as well as soften creases and wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars that are recessed. Unfortunately these fillers can not stop or reverse the natural aging process, only make those changes less apparent.

From injectable collagens from humans, laboratories as well as from cows to choose from, there is always an option that is available to you that will better suit your particular lip augmentation needs and preferences. Furthermore there is also the possibility of synthetic fillers like hyaluronic acids as well as fat transfers.

Regardless on your choice of fillers or implants, there will always be risks and complications associated with the procedure and some of those can include things like infections, allergic reactions to the non-human fillers, clumping, acne eruptions, asymmetry, bleeding, swelling, bruising, skin necrosis, rashes, redness, sensitivity as well as the over or under correcting of facial and lip wrinkles. While these complications and risks occur very seldom, they must be understood prior to agreeing to undergo the procedure as they are still a possibility.

The good news is that the lip augmentation does not have to be an expensive thing to have done. While the use of an implant can make the lip augmentation cost as much as $5,000, the use of various fillers are substantially less. An injection of a collagen filler can cost as low as $300 each visit and the time between visits is suggested to be 6 months which means you can maintain a lip augmentation through injectable fillers for less than $1,000 a year.

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