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How to Get Rid of Cellulite


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Most women nowadays have trouble with cellulite and yet very few of them know why they are affect with this condition. This short article will explain to you in simple terms the causes of cellulite and what you can do to eliminate them.

Cellulite are caused by a number of reasons such as lack of oxygen, changes in hormone, poor lymph drainage, menstrual circulation and poor circulation and cellulite can happen to both women and men. Imbalances in endocrine system, body intolerances to milk and wheat products are other factors that can breed cellulite in your body.

Toxicity is another major cause of cellulite. This is unfortunately an environmental factor that we can't control. If it is about your diet, then don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee because these things can be a contributor for having cellulite.

It is pretty hard to get rid of cellulite totally because due to so many different causes. You many suffer from relapse if you are not careful. Hence, removing cellulite can be a very long time process for many. Aside from this, today's adverse environment adds to the many other reasons why our bodies are faced with full of toxins, making it very difficult for people to fight cellulite.

The water we always drink and the air we breathe in is full of pollutants. Vegetables have residues of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that the farmers use for planting. The meat that we buy and eat has residues from steroids, hormones and antibiotics that farm animals take in routinely.

The fish that live in the water is full of contaminants that are dangerous and unnatural. Take some of these factors in consideration and there is no doubt that we develop cellulite because all these toxins remain in our body tissues.

Are you ready to say good bye to your cellulite? Well, the first thing you must do is change your everyday diet. Eating vegetables and fruit for your diet is an important step towards helping you to get rid of some impurities and for you to be healthier.

Try to find vegetable or fruit that are natural and do not contain pesticides, herbicides and fungicide. Good thing is such natural grown vegetable and fruit can be found in supermarkets nowadays.

With just a change of diet and incorporating more minerals and vitamins, you can make your cellulite improve significantly.

Eggs, turkeys, chickens and natural grown meal such as pulses, bread and rice are the things you may want to include into your food menu. Drink spring water, herb teas and fruit juices only because these don't have caffeine.

Dairy products from cows are the most important food that you should eat but be careful if you are lactose intolerance. One more thing is that you must stop eating fermented foods. Increase your supplement such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B until your cellulite is eliminated.

Use anti-cellulite bath before engaging yourself to have a seaweed and cabbage wrap. These wraps are excellent in treating cellulite. Chop the seaweed and cabbage then mix them together and put it in fine materials like muslin or gauze and iron it. After that wrap it all around the part that has cellulite, you can use spring water for the wrap to stay in where you put it.

Leave it for 15 minutes. After, you can remove it and apply oil into your skin and massage your skin.

Zaza has been writing and publishing articles on cellulite for more than 10 years. Lose every inches of your cellulite and find more cellulite treatment tips at her website at


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